Towable Tubes

      Towable Tubes

      Towable tubes provide a fun and exhilarating day out on the water for the whole family! Unlike other water sports, water tubes require no skill or practice - just hop on and go. Wholesale Marine carries a full line of towable boating tubes that any member of your family or entourage can fully enjoy. We carry leading brands like Airhead, Connelly, HO Sports, O'Brien, and Sportstuff. Just add a tow rope and inflator pump to your tube purchase and you'll be ready to get out on the water. 

      1 Person Towable Tubes

      Get out of the boat and into the water with a 1-person towable tube. These single-rider tubes are perfect for the thrill-seeker in your family, and because no special gear or skills are needed, anyone can get in on the fun.

      Entry-Level Towable Tubes

      Smaller riders weighing 170 lbs or less will love the exhilarating ride experience of the Le Tube by O'Brien Watersports - an affordable 58" round towable tube complete with 4 EVA handles with integrated knuckle guards. If you prefer a cockpit-style towable, you'll love the Airhead Viper 1 - a sturdy inflatable towable tube that features a boat-style hull to deliver unparalleled stability and rider comfort.

      Spinning Towable Tubes

      When you want to really level up your tubing experience, take a look at the GYRO 1 - it's a bullet-shaped tube that takes riders on a wild spinning ride! You should also check out the unique Sportsstuff Sumo Tube - it's a totally innovative tube that riders actually pull over their heads just like a t-shirt, and it serves double-duty as a SUMO wrestling suit!

      Round 2-Person Boat Tubes

      If you love the classic feel of a circular boat tube take a look at our assortment of round 2-person tubes. Designed to deliver a comfortable ride for one or two riders, tubes like the O-Brien Orbit, O'Brien Super Le Tube 70", and the Connelly Double Play 2 Person Towable Tube skip like stones across the surface of the water even at low speeds, and they're also great for simply hanging out on when you've dropped anchor.

      Cockpit-Style 2-Person Water Tubes

      Ride in style with one of our 2-person cockpit-style inflatable water tubes. These fun, colorful tubes deliver the perfect blend of speed and stability with seating compartments that keep riders sitting upright and facing forward - perfect for anyone who likes to see where they're headed! Check out the Sportsstuff Speedzone 2, and for adult riders, the O'Brien Wake Warrior 2-Person Towable Tube offers a generous 340 lb weight capacity.

      3-Person Boat Tubes

      Take the party to the water with one of our head-turning 3-person boat tubes! These oversized towables are the same ones you see at beachfront resorts and lakes, and they're built to deliver hours of fun for your family and friends. Take a look at the lounger-style HO Sports 3G tube - it's perfect for chillin' on the lake, while the Connelly Cruzer Soft Top 3-Rider Ski Tube delivers a thrilling ride even at low speeds that will be sure to leave you asking for more.

      4-Person Water Tubes

      With a huge 4-person towable from Wholesale Marine, everyone can get in on the action! When you feel the need for speed take a look at the HO Sports Mavericks 4 Ski Tube - it's a deck-style tube that has oversized wings for added stability and a D-shaped profile for extra legroom.

      Whichever towable tube will serve your needs best, know that Wholesale Marine will swiftly flat-rate ship them to your door. Be sure to ask about our Captain’s Club Rewards Program for additional discounts and savings. If you have questions, we’ll be glad to assist you. We’re here from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST, Monday through Friday at (877) 388-2628.