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Mercruiser Water Pumps & Impellers

MerCruiser Water Pumps and Impellers

MerCruiser builds some of the most reliable Water Pumps and components for any boat. If your craft has a MerCruiser outboard, its water pump will be one of its key parts and that the pump itself will have parts that require maintenance at least once a year.

Wholesale Marine carries replacement water pumps and impellers for most every generation MerCruiser from Sierra, and Mercury-MerCruiser. While most boaters prefer to have a reliable marine technician inspect and replace their boat’s water pump, here are the steps to take for determined DIYers and technicians alike:

Replacing Your MerCruiser Water Pump:

1)    Drop the gearcase to access the water pump housing. This requires removing the mounting bolts.

2)    Locate the bolt under the trim tab. Mark its position to make reassembly go easier.

3)    Using a fitting socket on the four mounting bolts, remove the water pump assembly.

4)    Lay out every pump component by removing the old housing pump and impeller.

5)    If the impeller vanes are no longer straight, replace the impeller.

6)    Be sure to use sealant on the gaskets to reduce leaks.

7)    Push new impeller into the housing liner twisting slightly clockwise.

8)    Place impeller key flat on the driveshaft, then lower the housing and impeller assembly into place.

9)    Be sure not to overtighten mounting screws.

Know that the water pump impeller is one of more vulnerable components of your pump assembly. The impeller needs to be serviced once a year or every 100 hours, by a marine technician, and replaced as needed. Impellers are a series of rubber vanes that are molded around a hub which rotates. Friction, corrosion, water, sand, disuse and heat can all abraid and degrade the rubber. When the vanes are bent, this is also an indication that replacement is required.

Keep your engine running cool with help from Wholesale Marine. Whenever your MerCruiser Water Pump requires repair or replacement, come to Wholesale Marine. We carry every part including circulating pumps, thermostats, and temperature senders for your MerCruiser outboard. Give us a call at (877) 388-2628, or try our user friendly Online Parts Finder for help locating the correct parts for your motor.

  • Same Day Shipping
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