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Trailer Hubs & Bearings

      • Boat Trailer Wheel Bearing Buddy Bra
        List Price: $6.99
        Starting At: $6.49

        The Bearing Buddy® Bra is a vinyl cover that fits over the Bearing Buddy® to contain excess grease and keep it off tires and wheels. The Bearing Buddy® automatic pressure relief feature allows excess grease to escape if the hub is overfilled...

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      • Bearing Buddy Boat Trailer Wheel Bearing Protectors
        List Price: $26.44
        Starting At: $22.99

        Bearing Buddy Boat Trailer Wheel Bearing Protectors - Stainless Steel Bearing Buddies replace the dust cap in the axle hub, which is filled with grease through the Bearing Buddy. When the wheels are submerged, pressure from the spring-loaded piston...

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      • Trailer Wheel Bearing Kit With Dust Cap
        List Price: $23.49
        Starting At: $10.99

        Precision Tapered Roller Bearings. Each kit includes: 2 cones, 2 cups, seal, cotter pin and dust cap where noted.

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      • CE Smith Boat Trailer Wheel Hub Assembly Kit
        List Price: $81.99
        Starting At: $55.49

        CE Smith Boat Trailer Wheel Hub Assembly Kit These hubs come fully assembled with pregreased bearings, which cuts down on the mess and makes final installation on to the axle much easier. Includes carry case, dust cap, cotter pin and lug nuts. 4...

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      • McGard Trailer Wheel Locks 1/2" - 20 Thread 4 Pack
        List Price: $24.99
        Starting At: $17.49

        McGard Trailer Wheel Locks and Matching Lug Nuts McGard wheel locks & lug nuts for boat trailers are made to the same proven quality as our automotive line of products. For steel or alloy wheels, simply replace one of the lug nuts with a McGard...

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      • Fulton Bearing Protector w/ Cover
        List Price: $9.19
        Starting At: $7.99

        Fulton Wheel Bearing Protector with Cover The Fulton Wheel Bearing Protector Covers protect wheel bearings from the elements during all trailer operations. For boat trailers, these covers keep water and dirt out of wheel hubs, making wheels completely...

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      • Tie Down 12" Brake Drum Hub
        List Price: $237.99
        Starting At: $171.49

        Tie Down 12" Brake Drum Hub Hubs are designed to work with hydraulic or electric drum brakes. Painted brake drum hubs for greater corrosion resistance. Filled with Lucas "Red N' Tacky" Heavy Duty Grease". Specifications: Bearings, cups, seal, grease...

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      Boat Trailer Hubs and Bearings

      We at Wholesale Marine know that you probably have a lot going on, so being on time for routine trailer maintenance can sometimes be an afterthought. When this happens, you’ll eventually start hearing that awful grinding sound while trailering. You’re likely hearing that from a worn bearing, which happens to the best of us. But don’t ignore this because it can lead to a very expensive project. Wholesale Marine suggests avoiding this altogether by picking up new boat trailer hubs and trailer wheel bearings as soon as possible. We carry and stock a wide variety of high-quality parts from brands you can trust like C.E. Smith, reliable trailer wheel bearings, and all the things you’ll need to repair your trailer’s drive line. Regardless of what kind of trailer wheel bearings you’re currently working with, you can trust Wholesale Marine to carry the kits and individual parts you’ll need to get your trailer on the road today!

      Believe us when we say you don’t want to be stranded because of old, rusty boat trailer hubs and bearings that were neglected for too long! We suggest checking your bearings for wear before you trailer your boat. You’ll want to look for any pitting on the surface of the bearings and braces, you can usually pick up on them pretty quickly. Upon inspection, apply a strong waterproof marine-grade grease on your bearings’ surface to prevent any corrosion from leaky seals.

      Shop High-Quality Trailer Hubs at Wholesale Marine

      You can always find the best boat trailer hubs and bearings at Wholesale Marine, which will make all the difference between a scuttled trip and a memorable day out on the water. Need assistance making your selection? Give us a call. We’re glad to offer advice and if you are not pleased with the products you’ve ordered, we’ll make the return process as easy as possible. We send many products out the same day at a flat rate of $6.99 for shipping.

      When you have questions about boat trailer bearings and hubs, or any boating products or replacement parts, just call. We’re here Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST at (877) 388-2628. Remember to ask them about our Captain’s Club Rewards Program for additional discounts the next time you shop at Wholesale Marine.