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OEM Marine Engine Parts Finder

Shop over 300,000 original engine parts from Mercury, Mercruiser, Johnson, Evinrude, Yamaha, and Volvo Penta.

How to Use the Engine Parts Finder

  • Walk through manufacturers
    • o   To use the engine parts finder, you will first need to select your engine’s manufacturer. We currently offer OEM engine parts from Mercury, Evinrude/Johnson, Volvo Penta, and Yamaha.
  • Shopping by model #
    • o   If you have your engine’s model number, you can type it into the quick search after selecting your brand.
    • o   If you’re unable to find your model using the Quick Search, you can scroll down to “Browse Catalog” to browse all models.
  • After finding your model, you will be given schematics of different parts of the engine, such as the driveshaft housing. Clicking on a schematic will enlarge it and allow you to see all the individual parts.
  • When you find the part you need, simply click “Add to Cart”.
  • If you select a part that is discontinued or unavailable for any reason, you will receive a message to contact customer service.

Tips for Finding the Right Parts

  • Yamaha schematics separate out their repair kits (such as water pump repair kits or carburetor kits). These can be found under the schematics labeled “Repair Kit 1”, “Repair Kit 2”, etc.

Still not finding what you’re looking for? Contact customer service at 1-877-388-2628