Brushes & Handles

      Boat Cleaning Brushes

      Cleaning your boat from hull to stern and deck to keel requires different tools than you use at home. That’s because your home’s interior is not subjected to rain and salt spray. Wholesale Marine carries a wide selection of specialized boat cleaning brushes and handles to keep every part of your boat ship shape! We carry products from the leading marine manufacturers including Babe’s Boat Care, Camco, Captain’s Choice, Davis Instruments, Flitz Products, Meguair’s, Shurhold, Starbrite, and Swobbit. Consult with our knowledgeable staff to learn which cleaning tools are right for your boat.

      When storage space onboard is at a premium we recommend Swobbit’s Deluxe Watercraft Cleaning Kit. This 11-piece tool kit includes additional drying and cleaning products. Best of all, everything fits into a zippered sheath with convenient handles and stows compactly for easy storage. Prevent fouling before it becomes an expensive problem with Scrubbis’ Underwater Hull Scraper/Cleaner Set. This tool makes it easier to rout soft fouling off the hull from the deck without having to suit up and submerge to get the job accomplished.

      Clean Up Your Craft with Boat Cleaning Brushes from Wholesale Marine

      Shurhold’s line of products with ensure that your deck is spotless. Their Deluxe Water Sprite Mop is highly absorbent and will never mold or mildew. Attach to Shurhold’s multi-purpose 60” Fixed Long Handle and you’re set! Hands-on boaters will appreciate Starbrite’s Glove-Style Mitt. One side is 'wool’ and is great for washing, while the other side is mesh and ideal for removing tough stains and materials from glass, wood, or fiberglass.

      When you have questions regarding which of our boat cleaning brushes or kits is the best choice for your needs, Wholesale Marine’s knowledgeable staff of boating enthusiasts will be glad to advise. Did you know we offer a low price guarantee and easy returns as well? And when you join our Captain’s Club Rewards program you’ll be able to use the points you accumulate today towards any future purchases. We offer flat rate shipping for $6.99. Give us a call Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST at (877) 388-2628.