Pettit Splash Zone Compound- Half Gallon Kit

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Pettit Splash Zone Compound- 2 Quart Kit

Pettit Splash Zone is an extremely hard, abrasion and impact resistant, two-part epoxy patching compound. It applies like putty to seal, fill, patch, or re-build aluminum, wood, concrete, fiberglass, and steel. It can be applied in or out of water to repair boat hulls, buoys, seawalls, docks, bridge abutments, and more. Splash Zone provides excellent protection against corrosion of metals and erosion and deterioration of concrete or wood. Splash Zone’s rock-hard surface can be drilled, tapped, or machined.

Recommended for patching and repairing damaged underwater surfaces. Not for use in potable water.


  • Two-part multi-purpose epoxy patching and repair compound
  • Very versatile
  • Use above or below the waterline
  • Excellent for underwater repairs
  • Produces a rock-hard protective surface
  • Provides excellent protection against corrosion of metals
  • Stops erosion and deterioration of concrete or wood


  • Number of Coats: One
  • Coverage (to achieve minimum dry thickness): 13 sq. ft./gal.

How to Apply

How to Apply Pettit Splash Zone Epoxy Repair Compound

Surface Preparation:

  • Remove all dirt, oil, grease, loose paint, rust, rotted and spalling concrete, rotted wood, marine growth and other interference materials. Adhesion of Splash Zone will only be as good as the cleanliness and soundness of the surface you're applying it to. 
  • Sandblasting is preferred. 

Mixing Instructions:

  • Mix by hand or with putty knife. Wear rubber gloves if you are sensative to epoxy or polyamide resin. 
  • Keep material and hands wet with water during mixing. 
  • Sccop a quanitity of one component from can by hand. 
  • Scoop out an approximately equal amount of the other component. 
  • Mix and knead material by hand until the yellow and black components have combined to make a uniform olive-green color. 
  • Apply immediately after mixing. 


  • Apply by hand. If applying to dry surfaces, periodically re-wet hands with water when applying. 
  • Spread smoothly on surface in 1/8" to 1/4" layer using heavy hand pressure to displace water and air bubbles. Smooth off by hand. 
  • When starting another handful, start spreading at and away from the previously applied film so as not to trap air bubbles or leave an area of uncoated surface. 
  • When used as a patch or grout, force material into hole or crack and smooth by hand to the thickness needed. 
  • When applied underwater or when wetted with water during application, the surface of Splash Zone will form an emulsified lighter green "scum" layer. This is normal. The film under the layer remains undisturbed and will cure properly. The scum layer will cure and most will become part of the finish (if cured above water). The scum layer will remain soft and uncured if Splash Zone is kept underwater during cure.

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