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Boat Hooks

      • Crooked Creek Telescoping Boat Hook
        List Price:
        Starting At: $28.49

        Crooked Creek Telescoping Boat Hook The Crooked Creek Telescoping Boat Hook has a durable anodized aluminum shaft that is well balanced for maximum strength but light enough to float. The smooth telescoping twist-lock will hold at any position for ease...

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      • Anchor & Dock Products
        List Price:
        Starting At: $24.99

        Garelick Aluminum Boat Hook Features a ribbed hook and body for extra strength with a wide gap for large objects. Equipped with a premium red cushioned tip and a large surface for fending off lines and stanchions. The guaranteed unbreakable hook is...

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      • Shurhold Boat Hook Head Attachment
        List Price: $15.58
        Starting At: $12.98

        Shurhold Boat Hook Head Attachment The Shurhold Boat Hook Head Attachment is the ultimate boat hook. This head attachment is a 3-in-1 tool: it has a traditional boat hook, a line carrying rack, and a center push-off to get away from the dock. Attachment...

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      • Starbrite Boat Hook Tip Attachment
        List Price: $17.99
        Starting At: $10.99

        Starbrite Boat Hook Tip Attachment The Starbrite Boat Hook Tip Attachment fits all Starbrite Extend-A-Brush Premium Handles. This boat hook is constructed of unbreakable glass reinforced nylon for years of trouble-free use. The special design makes for...

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      • Garelick Replacement Boat Hook Head 99046
        List Price: $18.99
        Starting At: $15.49

        Garelick 99046 Replacement Boat Hook Head Garelick replacement boat hook head made of non-corrosive UV resistant marine composite. Wide gap to grab large objects or cleats - push or pull 3/4" acme threaded head (under red cap) for screw on brush,...

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      Boat Hooks

      When equipping your new boat, many think of upgrading their boat furniture, safety equipment, and decor. But among important boating tools that should not be overlooked are boat hooks. Wholesale Marine only carries the best brands of both fixed and telescoping boat hooks, including Garelick, JIF Marine, Shurhold, and others.

      Why does your craft need a boat hook? You’ll use this tool to avoid scraping your boat or possibly injuring yourself during tricky maneuvers around docks and sunken trees. Wholesale Marine’s selection of boat hooks will extend your reach to push-off or to grab docks. Our products extend up-to 96-inches and are specially designed to maneuver around logs, rafts and boats. These hooks also come in handy for retrieving overboard items such as hats and poles.

      Buy Your Boat Hooks from Wholesale Marine

      Extend your reach and fend off lines and stanchions by using telescoping boat hooks. These devices are equipped with premium grips, are corrosion resistant, and float if dropped overboard. The lightweight durable aluminum is well balanced for maximum strength. Our telescoping twist locks feature rolled tube edges that guarantee ease of use, comfort, and maximum strength.

      For the best quality telescoping hook, we recommend the Garelick HD Telescoping Boat Hook 4’-7.5’. Its aluminum and stainless steel construction ensure years of reliable use. If you have something more economical in mind, consider JIF Marine’s Telescoping Boat Hook made from aluminum with a replaceable molded hook.

      Wholesale Marine carries everything boat owners require to keep their craft ship shape. We have an extensive selection of boat hooks and other tools that will facilitate docking and pushing off. We offer competitive pricing, same day flat rate shipping, and additional discounts throughour Captain’s Loyalty Program. If you have a question or to place an order,please call us Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM at (877) 388-2628.