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      Boat Engine Manuals

      Few of us are marine technicians, or even plan to perform work on our boat’s engine, so when you purchase your boat, one of the first items that is easily misplaced is the engine manual. It is an important book to have on board when you are out on the water, should your boat engine malfunction, or if it provides some cause for possible concern. If you are not certain of your boat engine manual’s location, no worries. Wholesale Marine has you covered. We offer two great options: Seloc Marine Service Manuals in print, online, or both!

      Boat Engine Manuals for Every Outboard, Sternboard, Even Personal Watercraft!

      There is a Seloc manual for nearly every vessel, including outboards and sterndrives, even personal watercraft, from Evinrude, Johnson-Evinrude, Mariner, MerCruiser, Honda, Mercury, Chrysler, OMC Cobra, Yamaha, Volvo Penta, Kawasaki, Polaris, and Sea Doo.

      When you need your manual is not the best time to go fishing for it. Before every season, check for your boat’s engine manual(s) and if you cannot locate them, go online and be sure to use our service manual selector. It’s easy to use, but if you’d prefer, just give our staff a call, and we’ll be glad to ensure you locate just the right manual you’ll need.

      Whatever your boat requires, just speak with the boating pros at Wholesale Marine. We’re your primary resource for all things nautical. We’ve got your back and understand every aspect of boat maintenance and repair. We’ll be glad to listen to your requirements and recommend the boat engine manuals for your craft. When you have a boating supply need or just want to explore any upgrade options with a pro who shares your passion for all things marine, call us at (877) 388-2628.