Boat Navigation Lights

      Boat Navigation Lights

      When visibility is low be sure your boat is equipped with the right navigation lighting from Wholesale Marine. From side lights to stern lights, Wholesale Marine carries the world's most trusted brands in marine lighting, including: Attwood, Perko Marine, Navisafe, Innovative Lighting, and more. Our extensive inventory offers boat navigation lights for for every size and type of craft.

      Meeting Navigation Light Requirements

      Whether you’re on a small fishing boat, or a large power boat, Wholesale Marine has a navigation light for you. When shopping, keep in mind navigation light regulations for your style of boat – running power boats are required to have a stern light, and either a pair of side lights or a bow light.

      Side lights are available with a variety of different housings including stainless steel and polymer. Don’t forget that you need both a starboard (green) and port (red) light! Most Perko Marine side lights, like the Perko Vertical Mount Side Light come with both a red and green light in one package, making shopping simple!

      Depending on your application, you may choose to forego side lights and instead buy a bi-color deck light. Bi-color deck lights like the Attwood Quasar Bi-Color Combo Light perform the same function of side lights, but contain both red and green lights in a single unit.

      Ensure your visibility on the water with an Attwood LED All-Round Boat Stern Light. Stern lights are required on both running and anchored power boats. This All-Round Stern Light is one of many navigation lights we carry that is US Coast Guard Approved for 2 nautical miles.

      If you’re looking for boat navigation lights for your inflatable boat or kayak, we offer a wide selection of portable navigation lights. For ease of use, we recommend Innovative Lighting’s Portable LED Stern Navigation Light; its suction cup mount makes it easy to mount virtually anywhere and it’s built rugged to withstand marine environments. Most of our portable navigation lights feature LED bulbs, which use less power and offer longer service life than incandescent bulbs.

      Navigating You to the Right Light

      Torn between two different stern lights? Not sure which side lights are best for your boat? Our customer service team is composed of boat enthusiasts that can offer real-world advice and experience on the products that we carry. We would be more than happy to help ensure you get the light best suited for your boat. We’re here for you Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST at (877) 388-2628.