Slip-Ring Anchors

      Slip Ring Anchors

      When setting out on the water to cruise, fish, or sport, you will want a quality anchor you can trust to hold your boat when you get to where you are going. Wholesale Marine carries the right slip ring anchor for your watercraft. For the seafaring issue of snagged anchors in problem-prone areas, the slip-ring design allows the anchor chain to slide towards the flukes, allowing for easier retrieval. Each anchor is designed with sharp, pointed flukes for a solid hold on the bottom.

      Wholesale Marine carries both Greenfield and Tie Down Engineering slip ring anchors. The Greenfield PVC coated fluke anchor comes in a variety of colors and is suitable for boats up to 22’ in length. These vinyl coated steel beauties are designed to work with your anchor chain for a strong hold and are retrieved with ease by backing your craft over the anchor to allow the slip ring to work its magic. Tie Down Engineering offers the Hooker Quick Set galvanized fluke anchor that won’t easily corrode, with models fit for boats between 10’ to 30’ in length and a holding power of up to 180lb. This design allows for a proper setting no matter the angle the anchor lands.

      When selecting your next anchor visit us here at Wholesale Marine. We offer a firm foundation of experienced customer service representatives to assist you as you peruse our products. Our price match guarantee, same-day shipping, and free shipping for carts over $99 are all cherries on top of our high-quality merchandise. Allow Wholesale Marine to be your first choice in suppliers and become a member of our Captain’s Club loyalty rewards program. Give us a call at 877-388-2628 Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST for guidance or to answer any questions.