Control Boxes

      Boat Throttle Controls

      A boat’s mechanical controls’ smoothness and ease of use lessens fatigue and increases pilot enjoyment in driving the craft. Boat throttle controls are available in several options, dual-function controls, single-function controls and for boats that require multiple control station installations. Whatever control your boat requires, know that Wholesale Marine is your one source for Control Boxes for outboards and sterndrives.

      Boaters want the right engines on their boats. To coax their maximum performance, the boat requires the right boat throttle controls as well. Whatever your craft, Wholesale Marine has you covered: aluminum fishing, center-console, pontoon - choose from a wide range of multi-engine control packages. We feature console, flush-mount, panel, binnacle, and top-mount installations. Here we present some information to assist you in making your next throttle control purchase decision.

      Dual-Function Boat Throttle Controls

      The most popular controls used today are dual-function controls. This is due to their ease of use -they make boat handling easier. The two major control components, the shift and throttle, are operated by a single lever. This enables quick shifting at a low engine RPM, which protects the engine’s shift mechanism. Two cables are used, one for the shift, and one for the throttle. Wholesale Marine recommends Teleflex Marine’s CH7800 Series Dual Top Mount Control which has a comfortable feel that ensures maximum pilot control.

      Single-Function Boat Throttle Controls

      With this control system, one lever performs one function at a time, Boaters can either shift or throttle. This control’s component design may have one lever to control either shift or throttle, or two levers, one for each function. Boats with twin engines commonly use two, two-lever single function controls. Here is where it gets a little tricky: both levers of one control will operate the throttle and the levers of the other control will operate the shift mechanism. Teleflex Marine’s CH7500 Series Top Mount Control with Lever on Right offers smooth handling and features such as trim, trim and tilt, and a neutral lock-out button for additional safety.

      Multiple-Station Boat Throttle Controls

      Wholesale Marine recommends that for this installation, to use the control system that provides the fewest degrees of bend, as this will also provide the more efficient cable action and smooth handling. In most instances, that would be the series control system, which runs cables from the upper station to the lower station controls. Next, a second set of controls runs from the lower station to the engine.

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