Control Boxes

      • CH1700 Series Side Mount Control
        List Price: $430.05
        Starting At: $296.73

        Teleflex CH1700 Series Side Mount Control CH1700 series of controls are the most sure handling and comfortable you can buy. The shapely, balanced grip provides a very smooth yet solid feel. This side mount control is designed for Starboard (right side)...

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      • TH Marine Trolling Motor Foot Control Switch
        List Price: $33.00
        Starting At: $20.95

        A Foot Control Switch For Manually Operated (hand controlled) Trolling Motors That Provides the Convenience of Turning the Motor On By Simply Pressing Down On the Switch With Your Foot Without Having to Reach the Trolling Motor Head. The Foot Switch is...

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      • CH7600 Series Top Mount Control with Lever on Left
        List Price: $446.80
        Starting At: $308.29

        Teleflex CH7600 (CHX814) Series: CH7600 series of controls offer options that mosts top mount controls in the market do not. The standard items on these controls are the shapley and balanced hand grip that gives you a very smooth yet solid feel...

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      • Teleflex Marine CH7800 Series Dual Top Mount Control
        List Price: $603.49
        Starting At: $438.95

        The ergonomics and features of our controls are the most advanced and are suitable for most kinds of boat with dual engine applications. the shapley, balanced handle provides a very comfortable feel and the state of the art mechanism guarantees a smooth...

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      • Side Mount Control for Outboards and Stern Drives
        List Price: $347.99
        Starting At: $243.49

        Side Mount Control for Outboards and Stern Drives This economical single lever, dual function control features positive shift detents, an optional engine trim switch in the handle and easy installation.  (Mounts to gunwale surface - no hole cutout...

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      • CH4400 Series Top Mount Controls
        List Price: $546.99
        Starting At: $349.95

        These stylish, low profile top mount control features twin levers/single action with visual and tactile throttle/shift identification. Available in chrome with straight or raked handles and smooth throttle friction, it can be used for single or twin...

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      • Side Mount Control for Ski and Jet Boats
        List Price: $501.49
        Starting At: $299.45

        Considered the best by boat builders, these controls feature superior styling, a compact design, positive lockout and smoothest feel available - and they're standard equipment on ski and jet boats. The ski boat unit includes superior neutral warm-up...

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      • Teleflex CH5400P Twin SR Top Mount Control
        List Price: $438.99
        Starting At: $254.45

        Ideal for single and multiole station boats, SR Twin is rugged and made with the finest marine grade materials. removable cover enables easy access to the mechanism. Includes adjustable brakes and stops. Accepts universal control cables. Optional detent...

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      • TH Marine "Hot Foot" Foot Throttle Control
        List Price: $234.16
        Starting At: $127.95

        This is the original foot throttle that has been on the market for 20 years. Improves throttle control for all outboard and inboards. Aluminum casting to reduce weight and resist corrosion. Stainless steel hardware and nonsticking teflon and nylon...

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      • Sea Dog Single Function Engine Control
        List Price: $217.14
        Starting At: $147.65

        Sea Dog Single Function Engine Control Sea Dog Single Function Engine Control - Sand Cast Brass Chrome Plated. Dimensions: A - 8-1/2" B - 6-5/16" C - 5-5/16" D - 3-1/8"

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      • Teleflex CH5600P Top Mount Control Twin Lever
        List Price: $558.99
        Starting At: $385.49

        There's nothing else like it! Patented Self Locking Throttle technology makes the SLT the only control that stops cable creep and works flawlessly in single or in series Multi-station application. SLT stops unwanted control cable movement without the...

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      Boat Throttle Controls

      A boat’s mechanical controls’ smoothness and ease of use lessens fatigue and increases pilot enjoyment in driving the craft. There are several kinds of boat throttle controls, and Wholesale Marine carries them: single- and dual-function controls, throttle controls for  boats that require multiple installations. Remember, the right boat throttle control will deliver maximum performance. We feature console, flush-mount, panel, binnacle, and top-mount installations. Below we’ll explain each option.

      Dual-Function Boat Throttle Controls

      The most popular controls used today are dual-function controls. This is due to their ease of use -they make boat handling easier. The shift and throttle controls are operated by a single lever. This facilitates shifting at a low RPM, to protect the engine’s shift mechanism. Two cables are used, one for the shift, and one for the throttle. Try Teleflex Marine’s CH7800 Series Dual Top Mount Control for maximum pilot control.

      Single-Function Boat Throttle Controls

      As the name suggests, a single lever performs its function one at a time. This way, boaters can either shift or throttle, but not perform both functions simultaneously. This two-lever single function model is generally used with boats with twin engines.However, both levers of one control are for the throttle while the other control levers operate the shift mechanism. A popular choice is Teleflex Marine’s CH7500 Series Top Mount Control with Lever on Right. It offers smooth handling and additional safety features.

      Multiple-Station Boat Throttle Controls

      Wholesale Marine recommends that for this installation, to use the control system that provides the fewest degrees of bend, as this will also provide the more efficient cable action and smooth handling.

      As you can see, our representatives are boating enthusiasts themselves. So when you or marine technician have any questions, we’ll be glad to convo with you. Wholesale Marine’s Online Parts Finder can help! Or, if you’d prefer, give our boating enthusiasts a call for prompt, personal service: (877) 388-2628. We’re here Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST. Call us!