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      Evinrude Ignition Systems

      Before electronic ignition systems were developed, a cranky ignition was likely the cause when an engine refused to start. Today it is fairly easy to troubleshoot a startup problem and should the spark plugs prove to be the culprit, a quick fix. If your engine is missing, mis-firing, or just will not start, here are some steps to take to troubleshoot the problem. This way you’ll know if the issue is minor or requires more investigation by a skilled marine technician.

      First, here are some engine basics. Evinrude ignition systems require compression, fuel and spark to run. Compression indicates sound motor function so that the air/gas/pressure induced explosion that occurs in the pistons is sufficient to turn the propeller. For this to work, the fuel lines must not be clogged and the fuel injectors or carburetors are fully-functional. Spark from the spark plugs provide the catalyst that produces power.

      How to Check the Spark Plugs

      One of the easiest fixes is to replace a worn spark plug. To test the plugs, use a spark plug socket, ratchet and extension to remove one plug. Inspect the plug for wear and notice if it is soaked with oil or fuel. If wet, this indicates a fuel line issue, not the ignition system. Note the color of the plug tip. Tips that are blistered or melted mean the wrong plug has been used. Check your owner’s manual to determine the right plug for your Evinrude ignition system or give us a call, we’ll be glad to assist.

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