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Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Inline

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Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Inline

The Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Inline is a game changer when it comes to shredding wake! The patented concave channeling wing on the surface allows for more force on the water to increase the wave but keeping the face clean. Designed to fit radical hulls with narrow strakes or heavy curves with the 5 inline 2" rubber suction cups. They will grip the hull without leaving markings or ruining the gel coat. Super easy to adjust on the go to tweak the wake to your desires. Impact resistant glass filled nylon with stainless steel hardware allows for a long lasting product that will be resistant to rust.  Never worry about your wakeshaper sinking with its airtight seal and built in flotation.

Wake is formed when the water surrounding your boat converges as the boat travels through the water. The faster your speed the faster the water merges to fill the void left by your boat. The amount of wake can also be affected by your boats weight. The heavier your boat the deeper the boat sinks. This creates a deeper hole the water has to fill. It is important to distribute weight (ballast) appropriate to the wake you want. Too much weight on the back and you will get wake that is short in length but tall, while too much in the bow causes the opposite problem. The key is to balance the weight. However! Part of the fun is tweaking your settings to get the wake you prefer. The Wakesurf Edge channels the water flow from one side and reshapes the void the water has to fill. This allows the undisturbed water flow to create cleaner wake. Just like with weight, where you place the Wakesurf Edge impacts your weight. The ideal spot is about 2-3' from the stern and is sticking 2-3" out of the water. Remember that upon acceleration the back of the boat sinks down.


  • Large 9 x 16" face
  • Durable rust free materials
  • Built in flotation
  • Inline Suction cup
  • Easy to adjust on the go

*Not intended for speeds greater than 13MPH*

How to Install Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Inline Wakeshaper

  1. Clean the suction cups on the Wakesurf Edge and the contact area of the boat
  2. Attach the Wakesurf Edge on the opposite side of the rider, at or below the water line near the stern of the boat
  3. Press the handles firmly against the boar and flip up the engagement levers
  4. Shake to ensure the Wakesurf Edge is firmly suctioned to the boat
  5. Hit the water! Not meant for speeds greater than 13mph
  6. To detach, simply flip the engagement handles down and press firmly just above the logo

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