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  • Magma Catalina II Infrared Gourmet Gas Grill

Magma Catalina II Infrared Gourmet Gas Grill

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    Product Description

    Magma Grills Catalina II Infrared Gourmet Series II Grill

    Catalina II™ Infrared Gourmet Series Gas Grill

    Your grilling experience will be greatly enhanced with Magma’s completely redesigned Catalina II Classic Gourmet Series Gas Grill.

    This versatile, portable, and finely crafted grill is a perfect addition for feeding that large crew. Made in the U.S.A. and constructed entirely of 18-9 mirror polished stainless steel to withstand even the harshest environments. The swiveling control valve/regulator, designed to use 1lb. disposable propane fuel canisters, allows for quick, safe fuel canister exchanges or easily adapt grill to existing on-board low pressure propane (LPG) or natural gas (CNG) fuel systems.

    Versatile, portable, and ready for action in all outdoor applications. Made entirely of 18-9 mirror-polished marine grade stainless steel, it offers the highest quality, and safest design available on the market. Incorporating a new anti-flare screen system to produce intense, evenly distributed heat, reduce flare-up at the cooking surface and immediately emulsify food drippings giving your food a great smokey flavor. Additional features include fold-away legs, warming rack (secondary grilling area), locking front access grease, reliable piezo igniter, sealed stainless steel thermometer, perfectly balanced lockable lid, full length handle, and swiveling control valve/regulator for quick, safe fuel canister exchanges. Uses standard disposable 1 lb. propane canisters or adapts to an existing LPG (propane) or CNG (natural gas) system. Magma offers the largest selection of mounting options and accessories.


    • New ultra high temp glass viewing window
    • New beautiful elegant design, no sharp edges
    • Completely redesigned combustion system, won’t blow out
    • New dependable electronic ignition system, always lights
    • Infrared radiant screens, intense even heating for searing, reduces flare-ups
    • 100% 18-9 mirror polished marine grade stainless steel construction, for lasting beauty and superior corrosion resistance
    • Integrated fold-away legs, perfect for that quick picnic on shore
    • Full inner lined safety shell, funnels grease into front access grease tray reducing flare-up and heat discoloration
    • Convenient snap-out dual radiant plate, provide perfect heat distribution and allows quick, easy clean-up
    • Oversized perfectly balanced lockable lid, won’t slam shut and secures all inner components for transport
    • Full-length stainless steel handle, allows access from either side, makes mounting and transport of grill a breeze
    • Stainless Steel hermetically sealed thermometer
    • Swiveling control/valve regulator, allows for quick safe canister exchanges

    Grilling Area:

    315 sq. in. (2032 sq. cm)
    Primary 12” x 18” (30 cm x 46 cm)
    Secondary 5-1/2” x 18” (14 cm x 46 cm)

    • Manufactured entirely of 100% 18-9 mirror polished marine grade Stainless Steel for superior corrosion resistance and lasting beauty.
    • New Infra-Red technology incorporates an Anti-Flare screen system that creates intense evenly distributed heat which immediately emulsifies food drippings giving your food a great smokey flavor.
    • Fold-Away legs are perfect for camping, a quick picnic, or that regularly scheduled tailgate party.
    • Full size inner safety shell funnels grease into locking front access grease tray reducing flare-up and external heat discoloration.
    • Additional features include; secondary grilling area, reliable piezo igniter, sealed stainless steel thermometer, perfectly balanced lockable lid, full length handle, and swivleing control/valve regulator for quick, safe fuel canister exchanges.

    Do you want an infrared barbecue?

    You may have seen some barbecues that claim to feature a new technology called infrared (IR) cooking. What is this new IR technology and why is it better? New to boating barbecues, infrared grilling has been offered in quality backyard (land) barbecues for several years. We’ll explain this new cooking technology, and first we’ll start with the three basic ways to cook food.

    Conduction: hot fast-moving molecules excite cold, slow-moving ones to cook food from the outside like an egg cooking in a frying pan. Heat is conducted directly from one object (the frying pan) to the other (the egg).

    Convection: food is cooked via a medium, such as oil, water or air, to transfer heat. Hot, fast-moving molecules bump into cold, slow-moving molecules as in a conventional barbecue where heated air moves through the grill to the food using holes in the vapor plate.

    Grease vaporizes on the solid parts of the vapor plate to caramelize the food, and the food is cooked using hot air. This works pretty well, is widely used, and folks have patented all kinds of vapor plates with crazy hole patterns, so the technology has been explored. These first two methods of cooking food, by frying or air-heating, are not the best way to barbecue meat or fish, which brings us to the third method.

    Radiant Heat Waves: microwave or infrared. Microwaves do okay making everything the same temperature, but aren’t exactly romantic to sit around in your boat’s cockpit having drinks a few drinks and chatting with friends—while nuking a steak. Infrared technology transfers heat waves at the speed of light to the food's outside surface to allow the barbecue to sear the outside but keep the inside moist. Infrared radiation, emitted by a super-heated ceramic or stainless steel plate, heats the food directly. As the moisture inside heats up, it cooks internally using convection, but without drying, since the outside is sealed. Heat is uniformly distributed across the cooking surface and that temperatures reach over 500 °C (900 °F), allowing you to sear items quickly.

    Our friends at the marina who are grilling enthusiasts tell us that food cooked on an infrared grill tastes juicier, similar to food cooked on a charcoal barbecue. This makes sense, because both charcoal and IR propane grills cook using infrared heat, since charcoal emits IR radiation when burned. The advantage of an IR gas grill is that infrared heat does almost all of the cooking, while charcoal grills cook with only about 25 percent infrared heat, with the other 75 percent from convection (hot air). IR barbecues require less pre-heat time than conventional grills and have the advantages of instant ignition, a uniform heat source and better heat control.

    IR technology was previously patented, but the patents expired in the year 2000 and more companies are offering infrared grills at decreasing prices. Now you can have the benefits of infrared barbecuing onboard your boat.



    Why Magma?

    The World's Best Grills on Land or Sea

    In 1976, identical twin brothers, Jim and Jerry Mashburn, started Magma Products. They were two young California sailors who, besides their love of sailing, loved to barbeque. However, experiments with attaching grills to their boat proved unsuccessful... The porcelain metal grills available in the mid 1970's were just not up to the task. After a short time attached to the stern of Jim and Jerry's boat, the grills simply rusted out and became completely un-serviceable. Knowing the durability of stainless steel in marine environments, the twins set to work making a stainless steel grill that would withstand the hardships of a salt water environment.

    Their early experiments proved that they were on the right track and soon they had a charcoal grill that they knew was the answer to their problem. least their first problem. Now they had to convince boaters that placing burning hot charcoal on their boats was not a completely crazy idea.

    Countless hours of talking to the boat-wise Southern California sailing community gradually won over a few converts and those converts converted even more until the sight of glowing charcoals was not an uncommon sight in Avalon Harbor on any summer�s evening.

    Selling the new idea to the boating equipment stores however, was harder. Traveling from San Diego to Santa Barbara in their beat up old van, Jim and Jerry visited every marine store that would talk to them. Not many buyers wanted to risk their careers on such a risky purchase, so the brothers often left their invention in the stores on consignment. They would immediately go to the docks, find a customer for their products, and lead them directly to the marine store to purchase the consigned grill. This convinced the marine store buyer of the demanded for their product and orders soon followed.

    Over 30 years later, the brightly polished Stainless Steel familiar shape of a Magma Grill can be seen fromNewport to New South Wales, from Cape Cod to Cape Horn, from the South of France - all the way to San Francisco. That original charcoal grill is still available and is now complimented with several round and rectangular propane models. There are mounting devices to accommodate any possible boating need, tables to help prepare and to serve your "Marine Cuisine" on board, Umbrellas to keep you shaded while doing so, and anti-roll devices to steady the boat while you enjoy your favorite meal.

    In 1999, the brothers introduced their first residential barbeque, the Del Mar. Not surprisingly, in 2002 it won a gold medal from the American Culinary Institute for "Best Pedestal Barbeque", then repeated this accomplishment in 2003.. The "Del Mar" is of the highest quality stainless steel constructions and compliments any outdoor d�cor. It is, like that original charcoal grill of 1976, innovative in design and function.

    The most important product that Magma has produced in the last quarter century, however, has been confidence. Our customers have confidence that the products that they buy from Magma are of the very highest quality.


    California Residents: WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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    Grill Cook
    22.4 x 16.1 x 17.5
    Grill Series:
    Gourmet - Rectangular
    Stainless Steel
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