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Mercury Maximus Propellers


There are no products listed under this category.

Mercury Maximus Application Chart

Mercury Maximus propellers are compatible with Mercury's Flo-Torq propeller hubs. Flo-Torq hubs make Maximus propellers compatible with most engines on the market while also providing unmatched corrosion protection. Additionally, the Flo-Torq II Hub System is designed to cushion and protect the drivetrain from most impacts.

Mercury Maximus propellers fit Bravo One sterndrives.

  Mercury, Mariner, and Force Outboards; Mercruiser Sterndrives   Hub Kit
  Mercury 350 Verado, Mercury Racing 400R (1 - 1/4 Shaft)   8M0101601
  Mercury/Mariner 135-250 HP, Verado 200-300 HP, Mercruiser 120-375 HP Alpha One & Bravo One Sterndrives   835257K1
  Mercury/Mariner 75 HP 1984 and newer, 90 & 115 HP 1978 and newer, 125 HP 1994 and newer   835257K1
  Verado 135-200 HP 4-Cylinder   835257K10
  Mercury/Mariner 40-60 HP BigFoot and 90-115 HP FourStroke Outboards   835257K9
  Mercury 225 EFI FourStroke Outboards   835274K1
  Mercruiser 400 HP + Bravo One Sterndrives   835258K2
  Mercury V6 used with surfacing propellers; Revolution4, Trophy Plus, Fury and Tempest   835257K6
  Mercury Racing Choppers and Cleavers for V6 Outboards   835258K1
  Mercruiser XZ & XR Racing Sport and Torque Master, Verado SCI 350 HP (1-1/4 shaft)   840389K06
  Force 75 HP 1999, 90-150 HP 1995 and newer outboards   835257K1
  Yamaha Outboards and Sterndrives   Hub Kit
  Yamaha 50-100 HP Outboards with splined forward washer   835272Q 1
  Yamaha 115 & 130 HP 1984 and newer   835271Q 2
  Yamaha 150-300 HP HPDI and VMAX and 130-300 HP sterndrives   835271Q 2
  Yamaha 150-300 HP 4-Stroke outboards (excluding V8 models)   835274Q 1
  Yamaha 200-250 HP SHO 4-Stroke outboards   8M0075402
  Johnson/Evinrude Outboards, Volvo, and OMC Sterndrives   Hub Kit
  Johnson 90-115 HP 4-Stroke outboards   835283Q 1
  Johnson 140 HP 4-Stroke outboards   835283Q 2
  Evinrude/Johnson V4 outboards   835266Q 1
  Evinrude ETEC G2 200-300 HP   8M0107220
  Evinrude/Johnson outboards & OMC sterndrives with V6 & V8 gearcase, Cobra & King Cobra sterndrives 1991 and newer   835265Q02
  Evinrude/Johnson outboards & OMC sterndrives with V6 & V8 gearcase, Cobra & King Cobra sterndrives 1990 and older   835267Q 1
  Volvo SX 1996 & newer, OMC Cobra SX sterndrives 1994 & newer, 7.4L 1994 & newer (19 tooth spline)   835270Q 1
  Suzuki Outboards   Hub Kit
  Suzuki 60 HP 4-Stroke 1998 & newer, 70 HP 4-Stroke 1998-2008, and 75-140 HP 2-Stroke outboards   835282Q 1
  Suzuki 70-90 HP 2009 and newer outboards   835283Q03
  Suzuki 90-115 HP 4-stroke 2001-2008 outboards   835283Q 1
  Suzuki 100-115 HP 4-Stroke 2009 & newer, 140 HP 4-Stroke outboards   835283Q 2
  Suzuki 150-300 HP 4-Stroke, 150-225 2-Stroke outboards   835281Q 1
  Honda Outboards   Hub Kit
  Honda 75-90 HP outboards 1998 & older   835277Q 1
  Honda 75-90 HP outboards 1999 & newer, and 115-130 HP   835279Q 2
  Honda 135-225 HP 4-Stroke outboards     835278Q 1
  Tohatsu and Nissan Outboards   Hub Kit
  60-140 HP outboards   835284Q 1


Mercury's HighFive propellers deliver class-leading acceleration and even handling. They perform well on older, underpowered, or heavily loaded boats engaged in watersports activities. If you're thinking of upgrading your boat with a HighFive propeller but don't know which size you need, give us a call. Our team is available Monday-Friday, 9AM to 4PM EST at 1-877-388-2628.