Solas Amita 3 Propeller

      Solas Amita 3 Propellers Application

      Solas Amita 3 Propellers feature a rubber bushng with a strong, durable rubber compound hub to match the motor. Rubber hubs unlike plastic, these hubs won't deteriorate. These hubs help allow for softer shifting which reduces chock on the propshaft when the prop strikes a submerged object. The Solas hub will not spin in the propeller and does not require periodic re-torquing. Solas boat propellers are balanced and made with precision from superior materials for a thinner but stronger blade. This provides a smooth, fast, efficient and durable prop that won't disappoint.

      Solas Amita 3 propellers fit 4-300 HP Outboards and Sterndrives

      Solas Amita 3 Propellers are made of strong, squeeze-cast aluminum that come in a variety of styles so you can always find a perfect fit. If you're ready to upgrade your boat, consider picking up a Solas prop. Our propeller guide makes finding the right prop easy, but if you need assistance, give our customer service team a call. Our call center is open Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM EST.