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T-H Marine Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plates

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T-H Marine CMC Atlas Series Hydraulic Jack Plates

ATLAS Hydraulic jack plates are trusted by boaters across the world and are engineered with reliable, strong, smart designs that provide the optimal experience and performance from your outboard motor.  ATLAS jack plates provide a smoother ride in shallow water and protect props from damage. They increase fuel efficiency and help boats to get on planes safer.

The T-H Marine CMC ATLAS hydraulic jack plates are constructed with a single-piece technology with a durable rod and slot lifting system that allows it to handle the heaviest V6 outboards up to 300 HP. To eliminate the need for pumps and reservoirs inside the transom, the hydraulics are built into the jack. This design has fewer parts that result in less maintenance and more reliable wear service. The ATLAS jack plates can lift from bottom to top in under seconds.


  • Self Contained hydraulics Fast 8 second lift time
  • Rod and slot lifting design, high tech polymer rods
  • Easy to install - easy to service
  • Installs in half the time of comparable jacks
  • Available in 4'' , 6'' , 8'' , 10'', 12' and 14"' Setback models
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and 3 years on hydraulics
  • Includes Relay Pack and Switch

Why Buy the ATLAS Hydraulic Jack Plate

  • ATLAS is the top-selling hydraulic plate and is sold/serviced by more outlets than any other brand.
  • ATLAS is factory installed by more boat manufacturers than any other plate and is used by more Professional fisherman than any other hydraulic jack plate.
  • ATLAS hydraulic actuator is made in the U.S.A.

How ATLAS Changed Hydraulic Jack Plates

  • T-H Marine/CMC, who developed the ATLAS jack plate were the first to offer a revolutionary development- an actuator inside the jack plate.
  • ATLAS is also the first jack plate to offer pre-drilling to accommodate shallow water anchors.
  • Unlike the competition, ATLAS is the only jack plate that does not require regular lubrication service.
  • Another ATLAS jack plate ‘first’: a heavy duty safety cable to protect boaters from failed engines entering cockpit.
  • First jack plate to offer easy actuator replacement in the field
  • ATLAS hydraulic jack plate innovations, the first in over a decade, have influenced additional industry advances.

Atlas Jack Plate Installation Instructions

Package Contents:

  • Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate
  • Wire harness and accessories
  • Installation instructions and warranty card


If no outboard engine is mounted to transom, skip to jack plate mounting instructions.

If outboard motor is mounted to transom:

  • Remove engine using proper lifting equipment and procedures.
  • Remove mounting bolts and nuts then carefully swing motor away from boat. It should not be necessary to remove any cables or wires as most installations have adequate length.
    • Disconnect any wires or cables that do not have necessary length and obtain longer wires or cables for completion of installation.

Mounting your Atlas Jack Plate:

  • Prepare transom for mounting by removing any silicone residue, dirt or oil.
  • Put a fresh and generous bead of silicone around each mounting hole.
  • Mount the Atlas jack plate to transom (shortest side 2 ½” long) using the bolts and nuts from engine removal.
    • Note: If you do not have engine mounting bolts, you will need ½” stainless mounting molts and appropriate washers and lock nuts to fit the thickness of your transom.
    • It is necessary in the installation that the bolts go through the transom then through the Atlas jack plate. The nuts attach to the bolts inside the jack plate.
  • When mounting the Atlas jack plate to your transom, you will note that there are three sets of mounting holes in the jack plate. Because transoms are different, three mounting hole patterns are pre-drilled. Make sure that you use same holes on both sides, so jack plate will set level.

Before Mounting the Engine:

  • The wiring harness will need to be hooked up. Locate desired position for “Up & Down” rocker switch.
  • Cut 1 ½” x 1” rectangle hole. Take care to check for any wires, brackets or cables behind dash for the switch to pass through.
  • Do not install switch at this time.
  • The Harness Pack will contain a rocker switch, a relay pack and switch harness.
  • When you open your harness, the switch will not have any wires attached, but it will have three terminals to hook the three spade connectors.
  • There will be a black coated wire that is 20 ft. long; on one end will be spade connectors on a purple, green & blue wire. This is your cable that will run from relay pack to switch. This cable will need to run from switch to your relay location, which should be near a power source, normally in the battery compartment.
    • Note: The spade connectors go to the switch.

Blue – wire goes to top of switch (UP)

Purple – wire goes on middle of switch (COMMON)

Green – wire goes to bottom of switch (DOWN)

Although the relay pack is water-resistant, every effort should be made to locate this relay assembly in a place that will be as dry as possible.

  • The relay pack can be mounted with screws or cable ties. The RED wire with the 40 amp ATC fuse goes to positive post of your battery.
  • The BLACK wire goes to negative post of your battery.

Now you are ready to plug in all your other connectors. The connectors are arranged so they will only plug in one way.

  • The cable wire from the switch plugs into one connector, the motor wire from jack plate plugs into the other connector.

You are ready to test your plate:

  • Run plate Up and Down a little at a time to make sure your wires are correctly placed and not getting caught in plate.
    • Note: if the switch does not work as marked after your connections are made, then you can swap the blue and green wires to reverse the direction of the movement.

Mounting Outboard Engine:

  • The engine will mount into selected hole pattern.
  • You will need (4) ½” -13 x 3” long stainless steel bolts, washers and nuts for this installation also.
  • After engine is mounted, test your plate to assure wire clearances and that your plate runs smoothly up and down.


California Residents: warning sign WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Warranty Information

Lifetime warranty on frame



Other Details

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Motor Mounts
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