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Atlas Micro Hydraulic Jack Plate

The Atlas Micro Hydraulic Jack plate is the lightest and smallest hydraulic jack out there. Great for smaller boats.


  • Only 23 lbs.
  • Self contained hydralics
  • Maximum horsepower: 115 HP
  • 4" setback
  • Maximum dry weight: 425 lbs
  • Lifts in 8 seconds
  • 14-5/8" Wide and 11-1/2" High 

(All instructions available along with images in the PDF below)

Installation Instructions:

1. Skip to step 6 if no outboard engine is mounted to transom
2. If outboard is mounted to transom consult the motor manual or dealer for the correct lifting device for your specific engine.
3. Lifting device should be attached to the outboard according to the engine manual
4. Remove all mounting nuts and move motor away from the boat. Be sure to not damage any of the wires or cables.
5. Cables and wires should have a sufficient lengbth to install the jackplate without needing to disconnect them. However if this is not the case disconnect any cables or wires at this step.
6. Using the mounting bolts, mount the Atlas Micro Plate onto the transom.
7. It is recommended to insert bolts from inside the Atlas Micro plate through the transom then using a flat washer and lock washer before the nut
7a. If nuts are pulling into the transom use the TSP-1 Transom Support Plate.
8. Find the proper mounting hole on your engine according to your situation and using the four 1/2"-13 x 3" stainless steel bolts to mount the Atlas Micro Jack plate. Jack plate bolt kits can be used.
9. After selecting a space for your up-down switch and drill a 1/2" hole and mount the switch
10. Find the three wires on the wiring harness.
10a. Attach the blue wire to the top post on the switch
10b. Attach the green wire to the bottom of the switch
10c. Attach the purple hot wire to the center post
11. Connect the black and white wires from the actuator to the green and blue wires of the harness with the Packard connectors
12. Run the wires in a way that they will not be damaged during the operation of the jack plate
Warning: Relays should be securely mounted in a dry location
13a. Connect the positive + post of the battery to the red ring terminal marked 'POS'
13B. Connect the negative - post of the battery to the black ring terminal marked 'NEG'
13c. Attach the purple in-line fuse wire and connect to any hot source

Maintenance Instructions


Your Atlas Micro Jacker will come equipped with a factory tested high speed hydralic actuator filled with the proper fluid levels. Once necessary use ISO100 hydralic fluid or SAW 20/830 non detergent oil.

1. Raise the Atlas Micro as far as it cna go up
2. Remmove the 1/8" Filler plug with a 3/16" allen wrench
3. Using the same wrench remove the 1/8" Level plug
4. Pour the fluid through the filler hole until it begins to run out the level hole
5. Run the Atlas Micro all the way from the its lowest to highest position
6. Top fluid off and replace the level and filler plugs

Emergency Relief Valve

In the event of a pump failure prevents the Jack to be lowered the pressure may be released from the actuator and lower the engine.

Warning: Once the pressure is relieved the engine will rapidly fall. The engine should be supported with a hoist or floor jack before releasing the valve. Once pressure is relieved the engine should be slowly lowered into the bottom position.

1. Locate the relief valve on the actuator pump bottom (1/4" hex screw)
2. Turn the screw counterclockwise to 1/2 to 1 full turn

Hydraulic Actuator Removal

1. Lock the 3/4" side roller bolts down to 60 ft/lbs.
2. Using a hammer and 1/2" diameter driver bar tap the bottom locking pin out
3. Remove the 1/2 lock nut and slide out the 9" stianless bolt to remove the top pin
4. Pull actuator upward and remove the ram from the bottom bracket
5. Warning: Once the actuator is replaced loosen side bolts until the washers can be rotated by hand


pdficon.pngInstallation Instructions

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