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Teleflex Back Mount Rack Single Cable

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Teleflex Marine
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Standard Back Mount Rack Cable,

Upgrade the new backmount rack to dual cable steering with only a cable change. Works with either the SH5210P standard, or the SH5230P NFB backmount helms, will not work with older SH5097/5098 helms.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Teleflex Marine

How To Measure

How to Measure Steering Cables “Measure Twice. Order Once.”

Replacement of Existing Cable: If possible, find the part number stamped on the plastic jacket of the old cable. If you removed the old cable, measure for the replacement cable as follows:


For Rack Steering Cable Replacement, Measure Existing Cable as follows: Measure plastic cable jacket (“Y” dimension shown in above drawing) in inches, add 30″, and round up to next foot. Order that length cable.


New Installation: Measure cable routing path from wheel center line to engine connection, as follows: A = Center line of wheel to gunwale (or deck, if routed downward), B = Dash to transom, C = Gunwale to centerline of cable connection at centered tiller.

For Cable Installations through the Engine Tilt Tube: Add A, B & C + 6″, then round up to the next foot. Order that length cable.

For Cables Mounted to Transom, Splashwell or Stringer: Add A, B & C, then subtract 6″ and round up to the next foot. Order that length cable.


steering-cables-boat.jpg A single-cable, starboard drive push-pull mechanical cable system is shown in this diagram. If your mechanical system is different than the one depicted and/or you have any questions about mechanical steering after reviewing this guide, please contact Teleflex (Mechanical) Technical Service at (610)-495-7011 or www.teleflexmarine.com

Cable routings (such as those found on pontoon boats) may vary from this drawing. Confirm length by laying a garden hose or similar object) along cable path and measure run from wheel to engine connection point.



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