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Teleflex Back Mount Rack Single Cable

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SKUSelect Your Cable LengthRetail PriceOur PriceSavings 
TEL-SSC1341111'$180.43$124.03You Save 31%
TEL-SSC1341212'$161.86$100.82You Save 38%
TEL-SSC1341313'$164.87$102.69You Save 38%
TEL-SSC1341414'$167.91$104.58You Save 38%
TEL-SSC1341515'$164.82$106.46You Save 35%
TEL-SSC1341616'$167.77$108.34You Save 35%
TEL-SSC1341717'$170.73$110.23You Save 35%
TEL-SSC1341818'$173.68$112.11You Save 35%
TEL-SSC134066'$162.99$112.20You Save 31%
TEL-SSC134077'$166.49$114.57You Save 31%
TEL-SSC134088'$169.98$116.94You Save 31%
TEL-SSC134099'$173.45$119.29You Save 31%
TEL-SSC1341010'$176.94$121.66You Save 31%
TEL-SSC1341919'$176.63$113.98You Save 35%
TEL-SSC1342020'$186.04$115.88You Save 38%
TEL-SSC1342121'$215.31$147.69You Save 31%
TEL-SSC1342222'$218.80$150.06You Save 31%
TEL-SSC1342323'$222.29$152.43You Save 31%
TEL-SSC1342424'$225.76$154.78You Save 31%
TEL-SSC1342525'$232.74$159.52You Save 31%
TEL-SSC1342626'$239.73$164.26You Save 31%
TEL-SSC1342727'$246.71$169.00You Save 31%
TEL-SSC1342828'$253.70$173.74You Save 32%
TEL-SSC1342929'$260.66$178.46You Save 32%
TEL-SSC1343030'$267.62$183.18You Save 32%
TEL-SSC1343232'$281.54$192.63You Save 32%
TEL-SSC1343434'$295.44$202.06You Save 32%
TEL-SSC1343636'$309.37$211.51You Save 32%
TEL-SSC1343838'$323.29$220.95You Save 32%
TEL-SSC1344040'$337.19$230.38You Save 32%
TEL-SSC1344242'$336.26$229.75You Save 32%
TEL-SSC1344444'$365.03$249.28You Save 32%
TEL-SSC1344646'$378.96$258.72You Save 32%
TEL-SSC1344848'$376.21$256.86You Save 32%
TEL-SSC1345050'$406.78$277.60You Save 32%

Standard Back Mount Rack Cable,

Upgrade the new backmount rack to dual cable steering with only a cable change. Works with either the SH5210P standard, or the SH5230P NFB backmount helms, will not work with older SH5097/5098 helms.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Teleflex Marine


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How To Measure

How to Measure Steering Cables “Measure Twice. Order Once.”

Replacement of Existing Cable: If possible, find the part number stamped on the plastic jacket of the old cable. If you removed the old cable, measure for the replacement cable as follows:


For Rotary Steering Cable Replacement, Measure Existing Cable as follows: Measure plastic cable jacket (“Y” dimension, shown in above drawing) in inches, add 18″, and round up to next foot. Order that length cable.


New Installation: Measure cable routing path from wheel center line to engine connection, as follows: A = Center line of wheel to gunwale (or deck, if routed downward), B = Dash to transom, C = Gunwale to centerline of cable connection at centered tiller.

For Cable Installations through the Engine Tilt Tube: Add A, B & C + 6″, then round up to the next foot. Order that length cable.

For Cables Mounted to Transom, Splashwell or Stringer: Add A, B & C, then subtract 6″ and round up to the next foot. Order that length cable.

For Rack Steering Cable Replacement, Measure Existing Cable as follows: Measure plastic cable jacket (“Y” dimension shown in above drawing) in inches, add 30″, and round up to next foot. Order that length cable.

For JBS Jet Boat Cable Replacement, Measure Existing Cable as follows: Measure cable from tip to tip. (Round up to next foot if needed for whole foot.) Order that length cable.

JBS helms are ONLY for smaller jets such as Mercury Sport Jet, OMC Turbo Jet, etc. and look like the helm depicted at right. If your jet steering is different, contact Teleflex. If your engine does not have a tilt tube cable connection as shown at above, see “Connection Kits” pages later in this section to get the information or visit us on-line at www.teleflexmarine.com.


steering-cables-boat.jpg A single-cable, starboard drive push-pull mechanical cable system is shown in this diagram. If your mechanical system is different than the one depicted and/or you have any questions about mechanical steering after reviewing this guide, please contact Teleflex (Mechanical) Technical Service at (610)-495-7011 or www.teleflexmarine.com

Cable routings (such as those found on pontoon boats) may vary from this drawing. Confirm length by laying a garden hose or similar object) along cable path and measure run from wheel to engine connection point.


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