Boat Shrink Wrap

      Boat Shrink Wrap

      Whether you shrink wrap your boat for drydock yourself or have a marine technician perform this chore for you, come to Wholesale Marine for the best boat shrinkwrap supplies at competitive prices. Never tried it before? Shrink wrapping your boat for winter may not be an impossible task for a DIYer. Depending on the size, two or more persons armed with a few tools and instructions can easily accomplish a boat shrink wrap in a few hours.

      The task will go smoothly if you supplement the appropriate amount of shrink wrap and heat gun with a few, well-chosen extras. Wholesale Marine carries everything that boating enthusiasts require for enjoyment on the water, and to maintain their craft as well. Before you tackle a boat shrink wrap project, call us for some essentials you might not have thought about. Our boating pros recommend that before you begin, be sure to tape all fuel vents. This will prevent off-gases, created when heating the wrap, from causing a potentially dangerous situation. Shrinkwrap International has a Shrinkwrap Vent just for this purpose.

      You can never have too much shrink wrap tape. Shrinkwrap International offers tape in blue or white to coordinate with the wrap color you choose. If you think you’ll want to access your boat while it is “under wraps”, Wholesale Marine also stocks a 48” Zippered Shrink Wrap Door and a 36” size as well. Do not think that your family’s crafting heat gun will work for this task. Invest in the Big Red Shrink Wrap Heat Gun and have uniform heating for a professional-worthy boat shrink wrap. 

      Shrink Wrapping Supplies for Winter Dry Dock

      Shrink wrapping your boat is no time to run out of strapping! We carry ¾” Strapping in 2100-Foot Rolls that will see you through several seasons of wrapping your boat!  Another item you do not want to run out of are ¾” or ½” Buckles. We sell these in packs of 100, so be sure to have a few on hand. How about a Cutting Knife designed just for boat shrink wrapping?  It will stand up to tough wrapping material and is safe and easy to use. Protect your hands from cold temps and heat gun burns with heavy-duty Leather Shrink Wrapping Gloves. You’ll be glad you did. For this and other great advice, or to place an order, give us a call M-F, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST at (877) 388-2628 - we look forward to hearing from you! One last thing- if thrift has led you to shrink wrapping your boat this year, be sure to ask about our Captain’s Club Rewards Program. This way you’ll save even more every time you shop at Wholesale Marine!