Gelcoat Repair

      • One Step Finish Gel Coat - White

        Evercoat Gel-Kote One Step Finish Gel Coat Repair - White This is the highest quality ISO NPG One Step Finish Gel Coat that permanently repairs or replaces your vessels’ original, high-gloss finish. The gel coat will cure to a hard finish and will...

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      • Gelcoat Repair Kit

        Evercoat Gelcoat Repair Kit Wear and tear on your gelcoat is inevitable, However, the Evercoat gel coat repair kit is a great choice for those nicks, gouges, and scratches to your fiberglass hulls or decks. This gelcoat repair kit permanently repairs...

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      • Evercoat Gel Coat Scratch Patch

        Evercoat Marine Gel Coat Scratch Patch Use Evercoat Gel Coat Scratch & Patch to repair fiberglass boats, bathtubs, shower stalls and hot tubs. This product provides easy permanent repairs on hairline cracks, small scratches and chips in fiberglass...

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      • Gelcoat Match & Patch Repair Kit

        Evercoat Gelcoat Match & Patch Repair Kit The Evercoat Gelcoat Match & Patch Repair Kit permanently repairs nicks, gouges and scratches in fiberglass hulls and decks. Blend coloring agents to achieve a match to almost any color. Repair...

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      • Coloring Agent for Polyester and Epoxy

        Coloring Agent for Polyester and Epoxy Popular color matching agent that blends with polyester resins, epoxy resins, gel paste, polyester fillers, putties and Skid-No-More. 1 oz. ***WILL SHIP GROUND ONLY TO THE CONTIGUOUS 48 STATES ONLY*** SDS

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      • Premium Gel-Kote White

        The quality ISO NPG marine laminating gel coat to permanently repair or replace original, high-gloss finish. The product cures to a tacky finish for re-coating. Evercoat Mold Release (#F-E-5685) must be used to attain a fully cured surface. Use to fill...

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      • PVA Mold Release Agent

        Evercoat PVA Mold Release 8 oz. Evercoat PVA Mold Release is a water-soluble liquid mold release that forms a smooth parting film, allowing a glossy finish on molded surfaces. This product promotes complete cure of Polyester Gel Coat. How to Apply...

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      • Hi-Bond Styrene

        Hi-Bond Styrene Hi-Bond Styrene is a reducer for polyester resins and Gel Coats. Quart

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      • Evercoat Gel-Kote Neutral - Quart

        Evercoat Gel-Kote Neutral - Quart Evercoat's Gel-Kote manufacturers the highest-quality, ISO NPG marine finish gel coat used to permanently repair or replace an original, high-gloss finish. Evercoat Gel Kote cures to a hard finish andEvercoat Mold...

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      Boat Gelcoat Repair

      Gelcoat finish on boats is the outer layer that is smooth and provides a glossy finish that protects your vessel from scratches and dents. It is generally applied at the factory and is much thicker than traditional paint and provides longer protection from the constant wear and tear on your boat hull. However, when boat gelcoat repairs are needed, Wholesale Marine carries a full line of gelcoat repair kits and products from Fiberglass Evercoat and Hi-Bond.

      Our inventory of gelcoat repair kits is designed to repair or renew your gelcoat finish on your boat. Whether you are a DIYer or trained gelcoat repair technician, we have the kits you need to get the repairs done. Evercoat’s Marine Premium-Grade Gel-Kote can fill anything from minor scratches to deep gouges. It is designed for resiliency and toughness and should be used to permanently seal and repair your gelcoat to its original high-gloss finish.

      For minor surface damage like hairline cracks, small scratches, and chips in your fiberglass, try Evercoat’s Marine Gelcoat Repair Kit. This repair kit is quick and easy to apply and dries within an hour. The kit comes with everything you need including the gelcoat paste, hardener, blending chart, application stick, and instructions.

      When it is time to repair those imperfections in your gelcoat, shop Wholesale Marine. We offer a great selection of gelcoat repair kits along with anything else you may need to repair your boat’s interior or exterior and protect its finish all season long. If you are not sure which boat gelcoat repair product is right for you, just give a call to our expert customer service team at 877-388-2628. We’re here Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM until 4:30PM EST. And be sure to sign up for our Captain’s Club Rewards Program for savings on your next purchase at Wholesale Marine.