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Mercruiser Ignition System


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      • Sierra 18-5314 Contact Set Replaces 8M6001250

        Sierra 18-5314 Contact Set - Mallory Ignitions Sierra replacement contact set for Ford & GM Engines with Mallory Conventional Ignition. Pleasurecraft R114001 all Mallory thru 1987 Pleasurecraft R114004 for Mallory 1988 &...

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      • Sierra 18-5108 Pick Up Coil Sensor Replaces 3854001

        Sierra 18-5108 Pickup Coil Sensor for Mercruiser, Volvo, OMC 4, V-6, V-8 cyl. Sierra high-quality engine parts are designed to meet OEM specifications. Fits GM 4 Cyl., V-6 & V-8 engines with Delco HEI Ignition. Interchangeable...

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      • Sierra 18-5345 Condenser Replaces 8M6001218

        Sierra 18-5345 Condenser - Prestolite Ignitions Sierra high-quality engine parts are designed to meet OEM specifications. For all Prestolite Ignition Fits GM 4 & 6 Cyl. Engines with Delco Conventional Ignition Interchangeable...

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      • Mercury - Mercruiser 898253T24 Ignition Coil Kit

        Mercury - Mercruiser 898253T24 Ignition Coil Kit Uses External Resistor Fits MCM 4 cyl., V-6 & V-8 engines with conventional ignition and some outboard applications.  

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      • Sierra 18-5277 Tune Up Kit

        Sierra 18-5277 Tune Up Kit - Prestolite V8 Single Point Clip Cap Sierra replacement tune up kit for Prestolite V-8 Single Point - Clip Cap engines. Kit Includes: (1) 18-5303 Contact Set (1) 18-5347 Condenser (1) 18-5369 Distributor Cap with...

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      • Sierra 18-5472 Coil

        Sierra 18-5472 Hi-Performance Ignition Coil Super low 0.6 ohm resistance coil Designed for use with Ignitor II Hi-Performance Electronic Conversion Kits Compatible with capacitive discharge systems Oil filled for better cooling and long life Low...

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      • Sierra 18-5303 Contact Set Replaces 8M6001219

        Sierra 18-5303 Contact Set Sierra replacement contact set for all Prestolite engines. Fits Ford & GM 4, 6 & 8 Cylinder Engines with Prestolite Conventional Ignition. Interchangeable with: Chrysler...

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      • Sierra 18-5245 Rotor Replaces 8M6001222

        Rotor for Mercruiser & Pleasurecraft Replaces: Mercury - 898253013 Mallory - 9-29217 Pleasure Craft - R103011 GLM - 71150

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      • Sierra Marine Distributor Gasket - 18-0874

        Sierra 18-0874 Distributor Gasket for GM V6 & V8 Sierra Distributor Gasket for GM V6 and V8 engines.  Fits: 2.6L (1989) 3.5L (1989) 4.3L (1987-93) 5.0L (1987-88) 5.7L (1987-92) 7.4L (1988-93) 8.2L (1992-93) Interchangeable...

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      • Sierra 18-8809-1 Wiring Plug Set Replaces 84-816761Q8

        Sierra 18-8809-1 Mercruiser Spark Plug Wire Set For an inline 6 cyl. engine with conventional ignition system. Used on Mercruiser Stern Drives. Kit includes coil wire. Sierra aftermarket parts are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM requirements...

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      • Sierra 18-5251 Tune Up Kit Replaces 0173619

        Tune Up Kit - Mallory 8 Cylinder Tall Distributor Cap Kit Includes: Sie-18-5314 Contact Set Sie-18-5338 Condenser Sie-18-5404-1 Rotor   Replaces: OMC - 0173619 Mallory - 9-29301 GLM - 72620 Redline - RL5251  

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      • Sierra 18-5408 Rotor Replaces 8M0062084

        Sierra 18-5408 Rotor - "Module in Cap" V6 Distributors Sierra replacement rotor fits New GM Style "Module In Cap" Distributors V-6 Engines with Delco HEI Ignition. Use with: 18-5362 Distributor Cap Interchangeable...

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      • Cap & Rotor Kit, Mercury - Mercruiser 815407T-5

        Cap & Rotor Kit, Mercury - Mercruiser 815407T-5 Fits GM V-6 Engines with Thunderbolt IV and V HEI ignitions Replaces: Mercury 815407Q 5 Pro Marine 64407K Redline RL5274 Sierra 18-5274

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      • Sierra 18-5246 Tune Up Kit Replaces 898253T28

        Sierra 18-5246 Tune Up Kit for Mercruiser V6 Sierra high-quality engine parts are designed to meet OEM specifications. For Late Model V-6, 4.3L (Alpha/Bravo) MPI Kit Contains: (1) 18-5245 Rotor (1) 18-5243 Distributor...

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      • Sierra 18-5278 Tune Up Kit Replaces 850484T3

        Sierra 18-5278 Tune Up Kit Sierra replacement tune up kit for Delco EST V-6. Includes distributor cap and rotor Interchangeable with: CDI E66-0035 GLM 71820 Mallory 9-29321 Mercruiser Stern...

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      • Sierra 18-5260 Tune Up Kit Replaces 0987926

        Tune Up Kit - Prestolite 8 Cylinder Kit Includes: Sie-18-5303 Contact Set Sie-18-5345 Condenser Sie-18-5403 Rotor   Replaces: OMC - 0173829,0987926 Mallory - 72650 GLM - 72650  

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      • Mercruiser Voltage Regulator by CDI

        CDI 194-9502 Mercruiser Voltage Regulator Mercruiser Voltage Regulator. Fits:  470 w/ 2 BBL Carb 1976-1984 485 & 488 w/ 2 BBL Carb 1980-1984 170 & 190 1985-1986 165 & 180 - 1987 3.7L...

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      • Champion V63C Spark Plugs

        Champion V63C Marine Racing Spark Plug The Champion V63C Marine Spark plug is designed for racing applications. Perfect for weekend racers and speed enthusiasts optimizing engine performance. Exceptional combustion and strength Ceramic insulator...

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      • Sierra 18-5338 Condenser Replaces 8M6001217

        Condenser - Mallory Ignitions Used on Mercruiser, OMC, Volvo, Pleasurecraft, Crusader and Chris-Craft Marine Engines. Replaces: Mercury - 391-898253001 OMC - 0382136 Volvo - 835308 GLM - 70580 Mallory - 9-29101 OMC - 0508934 Redline - RL5338  

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      • Sierra 18-5299 Electronic Conversion Kit

        Sierra 18-5299 Mercruiser Electronic Conversion Kit Sierra high-quality engine parts are designed to meet OEM specifications. For use on most Prestolite V-8 Distributors with screw down caps. Replaces points & condensers for true solid state...

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      Mercruiser Ignition Tune Up

      The condition of your Mercruiser ignition system is critical to its performance. Over time your outboard’s electrical components can be effected by wear, corrosion or system leaks. A faulty ignition can scuttle a planned outing on the water, and possibly require an expensive repair. When your Mercruiser is hard to start or will not start, Wholesale Marine offers these suggestions for troubleshooting your ignition system. This procedure enables owners to fault trace if it requires a simple fix or a significant repair.

      When it’s Time to Tune Up Your Mercruiser Ignition System

      1)  First, check the obvious. Is there plenty of gas in the tank? Are all the fluids at the correct levels? Lastly, make sure all the wires are corrosion-free and connected properly. Try to start the engine. A quick fix may be all that it required.

      2)  If there is no start from the engine, a faulty or worn spark plug may be the culprit. Pull the plug and ensure that it is clean. If it is wet, this may be an indication of a bigger issue. If the plug is dry but discolored, it may have been the wrong type of plug for your motor. Check your owner’s manual and install the right plug.

      3)  If the plug is working disconnect the black/yellow wire from the engine to check the kill circuit. If the engine still does not start, the white/green and green/white stator wires need to be replaced. This will impact the engine starting cylinder. If the engine still will not start, the stator is bad and requires replacement.

      When it is time to troubleshoot or tune-up your Mercruiser ignition system, know that Wholesale Marine has everything you need. We offer a competitive pricing guarantee and most items flat rate ship the same day. Returns are stress free and we welcome your questions. Make us your one-stop boating shop! Join our Loyalty Program and use the points toward any future purchases. We’re here to take your call Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST at (877) 388-2628.