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Pettit SeaGold Satin Varnish

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Pettit SeaGold 2045 Satin Varnish

This Pettit SeaGold Satin Varnish provides a satin finish that enhances the wood's beauty and does not hide or blur the wood grain with its translucent amber color. It is easier to apply and decreases the odor, VOCs prep, number of coats, application, & dry time associated with traditional marine varnish. Offering the beauty and durability of varnish, this easy to use synthetic wood treatment protects the wood using UV-stable resins combined with added UV inhibitors as well as transparent pigments to provide a long lasting finish that will not turn brown or orange with exposure to the elements.

This Pettit SeaGold Satin Varnish provides a beautiful satin and gloss finish and can be applied over existing varnishes that are in good condition. It brushes and flows easily and its fast drying formula allows 3-4 coats to be applied in one day with no sanding between coats. When it is time to renew the coating, a quick scuffing with a plastic scrub pad and wipe down with water and you’re ready to recoat.


  • Provides Superior Protection and Satin Finish
  • Advanced, UV-Stable Resin
  • Transparent Pigments
  • Easier To Apply Than Old Synthetic Finishes
  • Highly Durable and Long Lasting
  • No Smell, No Mess, Only A Trace Of VOCs
  • Enhances and Safeguards Exterior Or Interior Brightwork
  • Quick Dry, Apply 3 To 4 Coats Per Day
  • Contains Highest Amount Of UV Absorbers
  • Can Be Applied Over Varnish
  • Easy Soap and Water Cleanup
  • Translucent, Won't Hide Wood Grain 

Technical Information

  • Part Number: 2045 Satin
  • Solids (theoretical)
    • By weight: 33 ± 1%
    • By volume: 32 ± 1%
  • Coverage: 100 ft2 /qt.
  • VOC: 150 g/l (1.25 lbs/gal) as supplied
  • Flash Point: >200° F.
  • Application Method: Synthetic Brush
  • Number of Coats:
    • Bare Wood: 3-4 minimum
    • Existing SeaGold: 2 minimum
  • Wet Film Thickness: 4.0 mils
  • Dry Film Thickness: 1.2 mils
  • Application Temp: 40° F. Min. / 90°F. Max.
  • Thinner: 140 Water Based Brushing Thinner
  • Cleaner: Soap and water

Application Information:

Shake or Mix SeaGold thoroughly to ensure contents are evenly dispersed throughout the can. SeaGold is best applied by brush with flexible synthetic bristles. Do not apply SeaGold on extremely humid days or when rain is threatening. Do not apply in the late afternoon when working outdoors as the wet film may be adversely affected by dew. Do not apply this coating to a wood hull which has been dried more than one week under conditions such as artificial heat. Do not use SeaGold below the waterline on boats that remain in the water.

Surface Preparation:

Wood must be clean, dry and properly prepared prior to varnishing. When sanding wood, always sand with the grain. Use a vacuum, air hose, or tack rag to remove all traces of sanding residue. Follow all surface preparation steps carefully, avoiding shortcuts. Inadequate surface preparation will virtually assure inadequate performance.

System Instructions:

Bare Wood:

1. Clean the wood to remove any contamination. On oily wood, wipe the surface thoroughly with 140 Water-Based Brushing Thinner in an effort to aggressively remove as much oil as possible.

2. Sand surface completely smooth with 220 grit production paper. Always sand with the grain. Wipe surface to remove sanding residue with a tack rag or rag dampened with 140 Water-Based Brushing Thinner.

3. Once the sanding residue has been cleaned, do not leave the bare wood exposed. Apply 1 generous coat of 2018

4. Apply 3 coats of SeaGold following the appropriate dry times.

Wood Previously coated with SeaGold in Good Condition:

1. Wipe old coating with 140 Water-Based Brushing Thinner to be sure all dirt, wax, and/or grease has been removed.

2. Thoroughly sand the existing varnish with 180-220 grit production paper and wipe clean with a tack rag.

3. Apply at least two coats of SeaGold following the proper dry times.

Wood Previously coated with SeaGold in Poor Condition:

1. Remove all the old SeaGold with a paint and varnish remover or by sanding.

2. Bleach the wood if necessary to remove water stains.

3. Proceed with the system for bare wood shown above.

Wood Previously coated with Varnish:

1. If the varnish is in good condition and well adhered, clean the surface with a good quality boat soap and rinse with clean water to remove surface contamination.

2. Sand with 220-grit production sandpaper.

3. After sanding, clean the sanding residue with a tack rag, vacuum, air hose or 140 Water-Based Brushing Thinner.

It should be noted that woods with a high oil content may eventually experience adhesion problems as there is no way to totally eliminate the oil and prevent it from migrating to the surface. However, this application technique has proven successful in most circumstances.

Above information sourced from Pettit's SeaGold Application Instructions

pdficon.pngClick to download Pettit SeaGold Satin application instructions

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