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Stingray XR4 Hydrofoil Boat Stabilizer

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Stingray XR4 Hydrofoil Boat Stabilizer

Improve your boat's lift and holeshot with the StingRay XR4 Hydrofoil. The XR4 is designed to provide maximum lift, blast boats out of the hole quicker than ever before, and keep boats on plane at lower speeds. The result? Increased safety and significant fuel savings. This hydrofoil reduces and eliminates porpoising, chinewalking, cavination, and ventilation, stabilizing the boat and providing a more comfortable ride.

Benefits for different styles of boats

For boats pulling tubers, skiers, or wakeboarders, the StingRay XR4 helps pull them up quicker and smooths out the wake for more enjoyable towing. It also helps increase driver visibility by getting the bow of the boat down sooner. Heavy runabouts and center console boats can benefit from the maximum lift provided by the XR4 Hydrofoil. The downturned wings also pack water tightly around the prop, making this an ideal solution for boats experiencing cavitation problems - a common issue found on pontoon and tritoon boats.

Next-gen styling and technology

The XR4 Hydrofoil is equipped with a next-gen graphics package that provides the most advanced graphics in the industry while complementing the styling found on new outboard engines. The 2-bolt installation method is the industry's most secure and easiest installation, giving you confidence and peace of mind on the water. The XR4 Hydrofoil is guaranteed to never come off your engine. Engineered with the very latest in hydrofoil technology, the StingRay XR4 provides top-notch performance enhancement, next-gen styling, and pays for itself in fuel savings.


  • Gets boats on plane quicker
  • Keeps boats on plane at lower speeds
  • Improves holeshots
  • Maximizes stabilization
  • Promotes safety by increasing visibility at lower speeds
  • Reduces chinewalking, porpoising, cavitation, and ventilation
  • 1 Year warranty


  • HP Range: 40-300 HP
  • Left Level: 3-Maximum
  • Installation Type: 2-Drill
  • Color: Black

How to Install a StingRay XR4 Hydrofoil:


  • Make sure all installation hardware is included: two (2) nylon hex nuts, two (2) stainless bolts, (2) stainless washers
  • Slide the StingRay XR4 Hydrofoil onto the cavitation plate as far forward as possible with the colored graphics side facing upwards.
  • Using a drill and 1/4" bit, drill through the cavitation plate using the two holes on the top side of the hydrofoil as a guide. 
  • make sure to keep the drill perpendicular to the cavitation plate while drilling.
  • Place the stainless steel bolts through the holes on the top of the XR4 Hydrofoil and attach a flat washer and nylon nut to each bolt from the underneath side of the hydrofoil.
  • Using a Philips Head screwdriver and a 7/16" socket and ratchet, secure the bolts by tightening the nylon lock hex nuts.
  • BEFORE OPERATING, check the propeller clearance by slowly turning the propeller by hand to make sure there is no interference between the hydrofoil and propeller.


(1)  This product should make an immediate performance improvement in your boat/motor…if for ANY REASON it does not, then remove this product and utilize the Customer Contact Form on StingRay's website ( for assistance. (2)  Any surface “flow marks” around holes that appear to be cracks are a normal part of the molding process and do not affect the part strength or performance.

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