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Stingray Junior Hydrofoil Boat Stabilizer

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Stingray Junior Hydrofoil Boat Stabilizer

The Stringray Junior Hydrofoil was designed to satisfy the market demand for a versatile hydrofoil capable of fitting engine sizes as small as 9.9 HP that are found on inflatables, smaller tenders, and jon boats. The Stringray Junior provides smaller boats with small engines the ability to get on plane quicker and experience the performance benefits of a hydrofoil stabilizer. Its high-tech shape directs water over the surface to create just the right lift for small boats. The result is smoother stability, more control, improved fuel economy, better speed, and an improved ride. The Stringray Jr. also uses its wings to stabilize your boat, eliminating side-to-side rocking. 

The Stringray Junior Hydrofoil is quick and easy to install. It comes with all necessary hardware for installation and only requires four holes to be drilled. The Junior Hydrofoil comes pre-assembled as one unit, and can be adjusted to fit a smaller engine size. 


  • Gets boats on plane quicker
  • Keeps boats on plane at lower speeds
  • Improves holeshots
  • Maximizes stabilization and saves fuel
  • Promotes safety by increasing visibility at low speeds
  • Reduces chinewalking, porpoising, cavitation, and ventilation


  • HP Range: 9.9 - 40
  • Lift Level: Average
  • Color: Black

How to Install a Stringray Junior Hydrofoil


The StingRay Classic Junior can be reduced in width to provide a better fit to smaller cavitation plates. To reduce the hydrofoil width, use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screw in the back of the hydrofoil, separating the StingRay Classic Junior into two parts. The hydrofoil is designed to be shortened in ¼ inch increments. Both pieces should be cut the same amount of times to ensure the proper fit. After the width is reduced, use a Phillips screwdriver to reattach both pieces together with the included screw.

*Not all StingRay Classic Juniors need to be cut and reduced in width. This process is only necessary for boats with smaller cavitation plate widths. 

  • Make sure all installation hardware installation hardware is included: four (4) bolts, four (4) self-locking nuts, and four (4) rubber washers.
  • Place the StingRay Classic Junior on cavitation plate as far forward as possible while keeping the underside of the hydrofoil flush with the cavitation plate.
  • Drill four (4) quarter-inch holes in the cavitation plate on the lower drive unit and bolt the StingRay on.
    • The pre-drilled holes in the StingRay serve as a guide for drilling the four holes.
  • After drilling the four holes, remove the hydrofoil and place the four (4) rubber washers around the pre-drilled holes on the underneath side of the hydrofoil.
  • With all four (4) rubber washers attached, place the StingRay Classic Junior back onto the cavitation plate and line up with the four (4) drilled holes from step 3.
  • Place the four (4) self-locking nuts in the pre-drilled holes in the StingRay Classic Junior. The white side of the nuts should be facing upwards.
  • Insert the four (4) bolts from the bottom up, with the shorter bolts inserted in the two holes in the front of the hydrofoil.
  • Use a Phillips screwdriver to tighten the bolts. In a matter of minutes you’re ready to enjoy unmatched performance!


(1)  This product should make an immediate performance improvement in your boat/motor…if for ANY REASON it does not, then remove this product and call (913) 451-1090 for assistance. (2)  Any surface “flow marks” around holes that appear to be cracks are a normal part of the molding process and do not affect the part strength or performance.

pdficon.png Click to Download Stingray Classic Junior Hydrofoil Installation Instructions

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