Toon-Brite Protective Clear Coat For Boats

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Toon-Brite Protective Clear Coat for Boats

This Toon-Brite Protective Clear Coat for Boats restores and rejuvenates faded or oxidized surfaces. It works on aluminum, fiberglass, brass, copper, stainless and most metal surfaces. Its corrosion resistant non-conductive formula makes future cleaning much easier. It will protect for years against oxidations, UV rays, weathering, stains, salt  spray and electrolysis.

Clear-coat is easily applied using 3-4 inch foam brush or can be sprayed using an HVLP type sprayer. Surface must be clean and dry. 


  • Makes Future Cleaning Much Easier
  • Works On Aluminum, Fiberglass, Brass, Copper, Stainless and Most Metal Surfaces
  • Protects For Years Against Oxidations, UV Rays, Weathering, Stains, Salt Spray and Electrolysis
  • Restores and Rejuvenates Faded Or Oxidized Surfaces
  • Will Not Chip Or Peel
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Great Color Restorer
  • Reduces Maintenance For Both Metal and Fiberglass
  • Non-Conductive

Sizes Available:

  • Gallon Coverage: 800-1200 Sq Ft.
  • 12 oz. Spray Coverage: 120 Sq Ft

**Clear-coat is not an anti-fouling paint.  


Toon-brite Protective Clear-Coat FAQ’s

Q: What type of surface will Clear-Coat work on?

  • A: Clear-coat can be applied to Aluminum, Fiberglass, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, or any other surface you want to prevent from staining and discoloring.

Q: Can you see Clear-Coat once it’s applied?

  • A: Clear-coat is virtually invisible on all surfaces other than a high polished surface. On a high polish finish, Clear-coat when wiped can sometimes leave slight sheen. This will some what lessen with a second coat and it also tends to diminish with time.

Q: Will Clear-Coat work on painted surfaces?

  • A: Yes, Clear-coat can be applied to dull painted surfaces that are beginning to get chalky and oxidized. Clear-coat will prevent the chalky finish from returning as well as bring back a rich shiny finish.

Q: Will Sunlight cause Clear-Coat to yellow?

  • A: NO! Clear-coat will never yellow or discolor.

Q: What will Clear-Coat protect against?

  • A: Clear-coat will protect your surfaces from Oxidation, Stains, Weathering, Salt Spray, UV Rays, Corrosion and Electrolysis.

Q: Will Clear-Coat keeps Moss and Algae from growing on my boat hull?

  • A: No!!! Clear-coat is not an Anti- Fouling” bottom paint.

Q: How long will the average application last?

  • A: .On boats that are kept on the trailer, or on a lift, it’s not uncommon to get 3 to 4 years of protection, If you leave your boat in the slip all season long, from the water line down, it should last a couple of years or more. There are just too many variables such as water conditions and content, as well as severity of marine growth etc. But from the water line up, you can expect the same protection as any other boat. On things like RV’s ECT., you can expect 3 to 4 years.

Q: How do I apply Clear-Coat?

  • A: Clear-coat can be applied by foam brush, cotton, or sprayed depending on the surface texture and desired finish. Generally speaking, for a smooth finish, the preferred method is to paint on with foam brush.

For Dealers or Manufactures, Clear-coat can be sprayed, dilute with acetone up to 50/50.

  • A: For Smaller jobs or touch-up, we offer Clear-coat Aerosol (12 oz) Can. Q: What type of cloth should I use to wipe on Clear-Coat?
  • A: A white cotton baby diaper is best cloth for the job.

Q: How much of an area will 1 gallon cover?

  • A: Around 800-1,200 square feet. In boat terms, 2 coats on a 24 ft pontoon boat, you will use around 1/2 gallon.

Q: What temperature is it safe to apply Clear-Coat?

  • A: Clear-coat can be applied at any temperature but, you’ll get a better finish at 50 degrees, than at 90 degrees.

Q: Can I apply Clear-Coat in the sun?

  • A: Yes you can, but try to avoid direct sunlight if at all possible.

Q: Should I put a second coat on?

  • A: Although not required, we strongly recommend at least two coats. Since Clear-coat is a clear liquid; it’s very easy to miss spots. With a second coat, it’s virtually impossible to miss the same spot twice.

Q: How soon can I put a second coat on?

  • A: You can put a second coat on immediately; however, it’s better if you’ll allow the Clear-coat to “Cure” first before a second coat.

Q: What is “Cure Time”?

  • A: Although Clear-coat dries to the touch in about 15 minutes, it takes as little as 2 or 3 hours, or as long as 24 hours depending on temperature and humidity.

Q: Do I need to remove the first Clear-coat application before I reapply years later?

  • A: No, All you need to do is clean with Toon-brite, Aluminum or Fiberglass Cleaner, and apply the new coat.

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