TRAC 7-Liter Fluid/Oil Pump


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TRAC 7-Liter Marine Fluid/Oil Change Pump

The TRAC 7-Liter Fluid/Marine Oil Change Pump is intended to be used for oil changes and the removal of coolant, fuel, and transmission fluids. As with any self-priming pumps, this marine oil change pump creates a powerful vacuum to facilitate the removal of almost any non-corrosive liquid. It’s great for pumping out bilge water and other trapped boat fluids. This Marine Oil Change Pump provides a clean and efficient way to drain engines that have hard-to-reach drain plugs. This product is an ideal choice for any situation, particularly where draining oil is very difficult.


  • Self-Priming
  • Clamp Holds Tubes For Tidy Storage
  • Tank-Style Pumps with Two Different Sized Extraction Tubes
  • Ideal For Nearly All Forms of Fluid Extraction
  • Includes Cap, Adapters and Hoses
  • For All Types of Motors, Watercraft and Vehicles

Hose Sizes:

  • Black Extraction Tube:
    • Outer Diameter - 0.34 (11/32)"
    • Length - 8'
  • Clean Drain Tube:
    • Inner Diameter - 0.50 (1/2)"
    • Length - 8'


  • Volume: 7 Liters (7.5 Quarts)

Replaces old TRAC part # T10064

**Not for use with corrosive fluids, such as acids.

How to Use TRAC 7 Liter Marine Fluid/Oil Extractor

  • Run engine for 10 minutes to warm cold engine oil making it easier to pump. 
    • Note: The oil should not be hot. Do not attempt to extract hot oil.
  • Turn off engine then remove the engine dipstick.
  • Insert black tube into dipstick tube until it stops going in. 
  • Attach rubber tube coupler to pump inlet and push black tube end into the coupler about an inch.
  • Actuate pump handle for about 20 seconds. This will create a vacuum on the tank and begin to draw the oil.
  • Every few minutes you may need to actuate the pump for another 20 seconds to keep the vacuum strong.
  • When the oil is completely pumped out, the vacuum will be released when air enters the black tube.
  • If the tank is full, remove extraction tube from the rubber tube coupler to stop the flow. 
  • Remove pump and tube from the dipstick tube.
  • Wipe off and coil both tubes and place in tube clamp.
  • Replace dipstick, oil filter, and oil as recommended by engine manufacturer.
  • Dispose of oil at an oil recycling center.


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