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West System 209 Extra Slow Hardener

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West System 209 Extra Slow Hardener - Pint

 209 Extra Slow Hardener is West System's answer for doing epoxy work in warm and/or humid conditions. For use with West Systems 105 Epoxy Resin Provides almost twice the working time as the 206 Slow Hardener. Offers moisture resistance, along with solid physical properties that are perfect for bonding and coating applications. 

Product Features:

  •  Pot Life at 72F : 40-50 minutes
  •  Pot Life at 95F : 15-20 minutes
  • Cure to a solid state at 72F : 20-24 hours
  • Cure to a solid state at 95F : 6-8 hours
  • Cure to maximum strength at 72F : 4-9 days
  • Minimum recommended temperature: 70F
  • Uses General bonding, apply fabric, barrier coating
  • Working Time 3-4 Hours

Pair West System's 105 Epoxy with corresponding letter size on hardener.

Example: 105-A Epoxy Resin quart requires 209-SA Extra Slow Hardener Pint

*Epoxy cures faster in warmer temperatures and in thicker applications. Epoxy cures slower in cooler temperatures and in thinner applications. All times are estimates.

Each WEST SYSTEM Epoxy hardener has an ideal temperature cure range. At any given temperature, each epoxy resin/hardener combination will go through the same cure stages but at different rates of speed. Base your hardener selection on the amount of working time you’ll need for the job you’ll be doing at the temperature conditions you’ll be working under. The hardener selection guide and epoxy hardener container labels describe hardener pot lives and cure times.

The data we provide pot life is based on 100 grams or 4 pump strokes each of resin and hardener using our 300 mini pumps. If you are using a larger amount of epoxy or a different size of mixing pot the length of pot life can vary. To increase the pot life of a cup of mixed epoxy, spread it over a larger surface area, work in a cooler environment, or mix multiple, smaller batches as you go.

Click here to download 209 Extra Slow Hardener Safety Data Sheet

California Residents: warning sign WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



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