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Bennett Actuator Upper Hinge

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Bennett Actuator Upper Hinge

Replacement actuator upper hinge for Bennett Marine trim tab actuators.

How to Replace an Actuator Upper Hinge

  • With trim tabs in full up position, locate the trim tab hydraulic line inside the transom.
  • Detach the tubing from brass elbow. Note: Some oil will drip out.
  • While holding pipe nipple with vise grips, unscrew brass elbow.
  • Outside the transom, snap white plastic clip on shaft protruding from the bottom of the cylinder.
  • Grab the body of the cylinder with both hands and unscrew counter clockwise from actuator cap.
  • Screw new cap onto cylinder. Tighten cap hand tight. Remove plastic cap. The white plastic clip can now be discarded.
  • Detach old cap from transom. Remove pipe nipple.
  • Screw pipe nipple back into new actuator cap. Tighten hand tight. 
  • Tighten on full turn past hand tight, but no more.
  • Cover end of pipe nipple with masking tape. Apply sealant on actuator cap surface around pipe nipple and screw holes.
  • Secure actuator cap to transom with mounting screws.
  • Grasp cylinder with both hands and tighten (clockwise) securely.
  • Inside transom, wrap Teflon around male thread of pipe nipple protruding from inside of transom.
  • Hold pipe nipples stationary with vise grips and attach 90 degree elbow.
  • Re-attach hydraulic tubing with a 1/2" wrench.
  • Test actuator before launching boat.

Information sourced from Bennett Marine. 

pdficon.png Click to Download Bennett Actuator Upper Hinge Replacement Instructions

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