Bennett Marine

      • Bennett Hydraulic Trim Tab Kit w/ All-in-One Control

        Bennett Hydraulic Trim Tab Kit w/ All-in-One Control Bennett's line of hydraulic trim tabs are known for their power, precision, and durability. This hydraulic trim tab kit allows you to get the...

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      • Bennett Filler Plug

        Bennett VP1140 Filler Plug The VP1140 is a small black nylon replacement filler plug replacement that can be used with any Bennett Marine manufactured hydraulic power unit.

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      • Bennett Fluid Reservoir

        Bennett VP1139 Fluid Reservoir Fluid Reservoir for Hydraulic Power Unit Approximately 22 ounces of any type automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is required to fill the reservoir to proper...

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      • Bennett Lexan Cover

        Bennett VP1138 Lexan Cover This Bennett lexan cover is a replacement for the lexan hydraulic motor/pump cover. It can be used with V351HPU1, V351HPU2, DAHPU, & DAHPU2 Hydraulic...

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      • Bennett Solenoid Valve Wire

        Bennett Solenoid Valve Wire This Bennett solenoid valve wire replaces damaged valves and connect just like the originals to restore function due to failed units. Features: Maintains...

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      • Bennett Hydraulic Fitting Nut w/ Ferrule

        Bennett T1127SK Hydraulic Fitting Nut w/ Ferrule This Bennett hydraulic fitting nut with a ferrule attaches hydraulic tubing to hydraulic power units and is sold with four in a package...

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      • Bennett 20ft Hydraulic Tubing

        Bennett T1125-20 20ft Hydraulic Tubing This Bennett 20ft hydraulic tubing replace a damaged hose in an existing system. Bennett offers the same hose used in their trim tab kits in coils...

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      • Bennett 12V Relay Module

        Bennett RM12 12V Relay Module The Bennett Relay Module reduces voltage drop in Trim Tab Systems with longer wire runs. With the older trim tab controls, RT1000 and RS1000, the Relay Module...

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      • Bennett BOLT Electric Trim Tab Set - Edge Mount

        Bennett BOLT Electric Trim Tab Set - Edge Mount Limited Space Bennett Trim Tab sizes are in format span x chord. Span is the side to side measurement, chord is the fore to aft measurement. The...

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      • Bennett Auto Trim Pro - Hydraulic Systems

        Bennett AP000A1HA Auto Trim Pro - Hydraulic Systems An all-in-one trim tab control system combining a myriad of essential features: Automatic Trim Tab Control, Manual Trim Tab Control, and...

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      • Bennett Trim Plane Assemblies

        Bennett Trim Plane Assemblies Bennett trim planes are made of high quality 304 stainless steel and remain strong and rigid, even in the most challenging situations. Each trim plane assembly...

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