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      Boat Seat Hinges

      To those who participate in fishing tournaments, as well as persons who will do anything not to let the big one get away, boat seat hinges are important. The best hinges will allow seating to move with the user and provide a completely free range of movement. This way the fisherman is not adjusting to the limitations of his seating, but instead to the wiley and evasive movements of his quarry. Wholesale Marine stocks an extensive inventory of seat hinges for boat seating. When it is time to replace or upgrade, come to Wholesale Marine and we’ll assist you in making the best selection to improve your comfort, mobility and, possibly your game!

      We Carry the Best Selection of Boat Seat Hinges

      We carry boat seat hinges from Garelick, Wise, Springfield, and Swivl-Eze. Need a wider range of motion and your current seating is not flexible? Try Garelick’s Universal Boat Seat Swivel 75016. It will pay for itself on the first outing! Prevent leg fatigue with Garelick’s Rounded White Polymer Footrest or the brand’s Adjustable Footrest with Teak Insert for greater comfort and less strain. Is your spine acting as a shock absorber against a rigid seatback? Alleviate the situation with Wise Boat Seats’ Adjustable No Pinch Hinge and roll with the back-wash in comfort. Just want to ensure your seat is properly anchored to the deck? Garelick’s Stainless Steel Toggle Bolt Anchors should do the trick. 

      When you are ready to fix or upgrade your boat seating components, especially those seating hinges, give us a call at (877) 388-2628. We’re here Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST. Not sure which boat seat hinges will give you the range of motion your cast and trolling require? We’re here to help! Our customer service representatives will gladly assist you to make your selection. We offer a vast inventory coupled with great prices and renowned service. You’ll see why our customers have chosen Wholesale Marine for all their boating needs. Place an order to receive same day shipping at a flat rate. We also offer a Customer Loyalty program that provides additional discounts you can use on your next order. Call today!