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Hydraulic Steering

Boat Hydraulic Steering

A boat hydraulic steering system enables boaters to maneuver even larger crafts with ease. Hydraulic steering has three main components: a pump with an integrated oil reservoir, a ram that connects to an outboard or rudder, and connecting lines to transmit inputs from the steering pump to the steering ram. Turning the steering wheel in either direction pumps oil through the lines to the ram. In turn it pulls or pushes the rudder, outboard, or sternboard in the direction desired. It is a fairly simple system that is taken for granted until it requires repair. Routine or annual maintenance is recommended at least every 200 hours or every season.

Proper Boat Hydraulic System Maintenance Tips:

Here are some maintenance tips to ensure that your boat hydraulic system is performing optimally:

  • Inspect hydraulic seals on the ram. Turn wheel lock to LOCK and inspect for fluid on the shaft. The ram should never be wet.

  • Inspect hydraulic oil. This should be clear and have no odor. It should also be contaminant-free.

  • Inspect helm for fluid. Ideally there should not be any.

  • Turn helm. Feel for resistance. Also that the number of turns to lock has not increased.

  • Wipe down all hoses and connections from ram to helm. Inspect for leaks.

  • Inspect all hoses for wear and/or cracking.

  • If any component is leaking, replace.

At Wholesale Marine, we understand the demands that high-horsepower and high-speed boating place on boat hydraulic systems. Our SeaStar Hydraulic Steering Systems are designed to easily handle Outboard, Sterndrive, and Inboard engines even at full capacity.

Our Steering Systems feature a comprehensive range of available cylinders to handle a variety of outboard, sterndrive, and inboard steering applications. These are suitable for both pleasure and commercial applications. Extra steering stations and/or autopilots may be added with ease.

Wholesale Marine’s experts can assist you with your hydraulic system purchase from the system itself, to its individual components, or even if you just want some hydraulic fluid.

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  • Same Day Shipping
  • Free Shipping
  • Low Price Guarantee