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Hydraulic Steering

      • Seastar HA5430H Hydraulic Steering Oil - 32 Oz.
        List Price: $25.37
        Now: $21.06

        SeaStar Solutions HA5430 hydraulic steering fluid is formulated to provide the best performance for your SeaStar or BayStar hydraulic steering system. A perfect blend of viscosity stabilizers, anti-wear agents and corrosion inhibitors will ensure maximum...

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      • SeaStar HA5438 Bottle Filler Kit
        List Price: $24.95
        Now: $20.71

        SeaStar HA5438 Bottle Filler Kit Includes hose with screw cap which fits SeaStar or equivalent oil bottles. Also includes push pin for venting/resealing bottle. Allows for clean bleed when used properly.

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      • SeaStar Standard Helm
        List Price: $597.82
        Starting At: $552.00

        SeaStar Standard Hydraulic Steering Helm SeaStar helms are the heart of the hydraulic steering system. These hydraulic steering helms are designed to be efficient, safe, and reliable. SeaStar Steering delivers unmatched comfort and control. Superior...

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      • SeaStar BayStar Hydraulic Helm
        List Price: $452.18
        Starting At: $361.74

        SeaStar BayStar Hydraulic Helm BayStar super low friction hydraulic helm for smooth, comfortable steering. BayStar hydraulic steering is brought to you by the manufacturers of SeaStar, the most trusted name in pleasure boat steering. BayStar allows you...

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      • Teleflex BayStar Hydraulic Steering Kit
        List Price: $1,036.90
        Starting At: $943.47

        Teleflex BayStar Hydraulic Steering Kit The Teleflex BayStar Hydraulic Steering Kit includes everything you or your marine technician requires to replace or upgrade your boat with hydraulic steering. ISO compliant and crafted using the finest materials...

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      • Teleflex HA5418 Backplate Kit for SeaStar Standard Front Mount Helms
        List Price: $53.12
        Now: $44.09

        Teleflex HA5418 Back Mount Kit for SeaStar Standard Helms Used to retrofit a new SeaStar standard helm in the old 4.5” diameter hole Reduce the helm protrusion from the dash by the thickness of the dash Retrofit new SeaStar standard helm into...

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      • SeaStar Hydraulic Steering Kit
        List Price: $1,788.14
        Starting At: $1,460.05

        SeaStar Hydraulic Steering Kit – Front Mount Pivot Cylinder System The Seastar Hydraulic Steering Kit provides everything marine technicians require to install/replace the steering system. This system is intended for use with single and dual...

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      • SeaStar Nylon Tube 3/8"
        List Price:
        Starting At: $106.03

        SeaStar Nylon Tube 3/8” Nylon tubing can be used with SeaStar 1.7 helms on stern drives (except with HC5332 cylinder) and small inboards with fitting kit.  Do Not use on outboard systems.  

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      • SeaStar HF6007 ORB Fitting Kit with Additional Helm - Outboard
        List Price: $212.80
        Starting At: $163.86

        SeaStar ORB Fitting Kit #HF6007 Kit to be used with -3 ORB helm pumps ONLY.  Helm pumps are fitted with positionable O-ring style hose fitting ports.  DO NOT attempt to install an NPT pipe fitting into a -3 helm hose fitting port.  Doing...

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      • SeaStar HA5419 Helm 20° Wedge Kit
        List Price: $105.08
        Now: $80.91

        HA5419 SeaStar 20° Dashboard Wedge Kit - Front Mount Helms Only The 20° Dash Mounting Wedge Kit allows a SeaStar Helm to be mounted 20° from perpendicular in any of four configurations.  *** Not for BayStar Helms *** 

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      • SeaStar Rear Mount Helm
        List Price: $609.70
        Starting At: $534.27

        SeaStar® Rear Mount Helm Features and Benefits: Behind dash mounting configuration Available in 1.4, 1.7, and 2.4 cubic inch displacements Top of dash fill point Complete with elbow fitting   HELM DESCRIPTION PART NO CU...

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      • SeaStar Inboard Cylinders
        List Price: $602.54
        Starting At: $482.03

        SeaStar Inboard Cylinders These Cylinders are for single and dual rudder vessels with two axis articulation and easy autopilot interface.  Cylinders are also supplied with bleeder fittings.  Features • Regular duty aluminum cylinders...

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      • SeaStar HO57 SS O/B Pro Hose Kit
        List Price: $312.24
        Starting At: $282.86

        SeaStar HO57 SS O/B Pro Hose Kit Includes two hoses - can be used with all SeaStar systems, except BayStar Capilano and and 3-line inboard systems.

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      • BayStar Outboard Cylinders
        List Price: $510.49
        Starting At: $381.30

        BayStar Outboard Cylinders This balanced cylinder features a compact design that fits most splashwells.  BayStar allows you to install all of the safety, reliability and comfort of hydraulic steering onto your boats rated up to MAX 150 HP (total). ...

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      • SeaStar Classic Tilt Boat Steering Helm
        List Price:
        Starting At: $827.95

        SeaStar® Classic Tilt Helms  The ultimate in Tilt Steering Technology.  Tilt Steering delivers unsurpassed performance and flexibility making it the perfect system for all possible applications and boat types. Tilt Features and...

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      • SeaStar HA5450 Helm Remote Fill Kit Capilano Systems
        List Price: $84.07
        Now: $64.73

        SeaStar HA5450 Helm Remote Fill Kit Capilano Systems Fill and Vent Plug Kit - This kit will facilitate filling and purging of the steering system at a more convenient and accessible area than the helm pump. A through dash fitting, complete with a...

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      Boat Hydraulic Steering

      Whether you’re trying to pass another boat, turn around, or avoid colliding with objects in the water, boat hydraulic steering makes maneuvering easier. Turning the steering wheel pumps oil through the lines to the ram. In turn, it pulls or pushes the rudder, outboard, or sternboard in the direction desired. To keep yours running optimally, Wholesale Marine recommends you maintain it every season or 200 hours of use.

      Many boaters, however, take their hydraulic steering system for granted until it requires repair. When it malfunctions, its cause is usually one of three main components: the pump with an integrated oil reservoir, a ram that connects to an outboard or rudder, or connecting lines to transmit inputs from the steering pump to the steering ram. When that happens, you or your marine mechanic will likely contact Wholesale Marine for the quality replacement parts needed for the repair.

      Steer Clear of High Prices! Shop at Wholesale Marine!

      At Wholesale Marine, we understand the demands that high-horsepower and high-speed boating place on boat hydraulic steering systems. Our SeaStar Hydraulic Steering Systems are designed to easily handle Outboard, Sterndrive, and Inboard engines even at full capacity. They also meet ABYC standards as well as NMMA certification requirements.

      Wholesale Marine’s experts can assist you with your boat hydraulic steering system needs from the system itself, to its individual components, or even if you just want some hydraulic fluid. Know that as a Wholesale Marine customer you’ll always save time and money. We offer a low price guarantee, same day flat rate shipping, trouble-free returns, great customer service and solid advice. Be sure to ask about our Captain's Club Rewards Program if you’re not a member. We’re here Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST, and welcome your call at (877) 388-2628