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12 Volt Appliances

      • Quick Cup Travel Mug Coffee Maker - 12-Volt
        List Price: $38.83
        Starting At: $29.12

        The Roadpro RPSC-784 Quick Cup Coffee Maker draws its power from a 12-volt cigarette lighter socket. It brews 16 ounces of coffee which is more than enough to wake up any drowsy boater who still has a long way to go. Or, if you do not need to go any...

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      • Road Pro Travel Mug Coffee Maker
        List Price: $38.99
        Starting At: $29.49

        Road Pro Travel Mug Coffee Maker This Road Pro Travel Mug Coffee Maker is the perfect 1 cup coffee maker for storing just about anywhere. Small in size, this coffee maker has a 20 oz. capacity glass carafe and a stop-drip interrupt features when...

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      • Travel Coffee Maker 4 Cup - 12 Volt
        List Price: $45.72
        Starting At: $33.83

        Burton Coffee to Go Coffee Maker - 12V When only a few cups of coffee are needed, our 4-cup coffee maker is ideal. Brew a full pot in 30 minutes. Brewstop™ interrupt allows you to pour a cup of coffee as soon as it is ready. 8-cup model also...

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      • RoadPro Portable Heater/Defroster 12V
        List Price: $22.18
        Starting At: $21.40

        RoadPro Portable Heater/Defroster 12V  RoadPro Portable Heater/Defroster plugs directly into your cigarette lighter socket. This portable heater can be used to heat the inside of your vehicle, or to defrost windshields. Features a handle for use as...

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      • Burton Vacuum to Go 12-Volt
        List Price: $64.49
        Starting At: $40.99

        Vacuum to Go This wet/dry canister vacuum is perfect for quick clean up of wet or dry spills in a vehicle or garage. It is compact portable and lighter than other similar vacuums. 1-Gallon Capacity 17-ft. Power Cord 26-in. Flexible...

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      • Hair Dryer with Folding Handle, 12 volt
        List Price: $17.96
        Starting At: $14.73

        Roadpro 12 volt hair dryer plugs directly into your cigarette lighter socket. Can also be used to defrost car windows. Folding handle and hang loop for easy storage. Rotating air outlet vent for better air flow. COLOR OF ITEM IS BLACK.

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