Mercruiser Propellers

      How to Select the Right Propeller for Your Vessel

      Selecting the correct propeller for your craft may seem daunting at first. Your “right” choice depends on which sterndrive engine has been installed on your vessel. And if your sterndrive is/are Mercury® MerCruiser®, the next question is “which one?”  Mercury has been a premier manufacturer of sterndrive engines for over 75 years. Regardless of your sterndrive model or its age, Wholesale Marine carries the right MerCruiser propeller from Michigan Wheel, MerCruiser and Turning Point for your boat.

      Selecting the right propeller for your boat and engine combination is based on several factors including the wide open throttle (WOT) operating range for your inboard. Boat owners should select their boat’s propeller relative to maximizing their boat’s performance, yet allow your engine to operate safely within its specified rpm range. Here are some key factors to consider in making your propeller selection:

      1. Propeller Size: This is determined by two sets of numbers- the diameter and the pitch.
      2. Diameter: This number is 2x the distance from the center of the hub to the tip of the blade.
      3. Pitch: This is the theoretical forward movement of a propeller throughout one revolution.
      4. Cupping: A recent advance in propeller blades is the inclusion of a slight curve to the edge of the blades to increase acceleration. This blade cupping contributes to a higher top end speed as well.

      We Carry the Right MerCruiser Propellers for Every Craft

      Wholesale Marine carries an expansive line of Mercury® MerCruiser® propellers for your boat. Don’t know what your sterndrive requires?  Ask us! Based on your boat, sternboard model and usage we can advise which three, four or 5 blade propellers in aluminum or stainless steel  MerCruiser, Michigan Steel or Turning Point propellers are your best options. If you’re an accomplished DIYer who is hands-on in maintaining your craft, we can sell you a propeller kit. If you’d prefer, we also offer propellers only and the specialized propeller wrench to perform the replacement. Regardless of your maintenance experience and/or budget, we can help you select the best option that will serve you and your vessel well for years to come.

      We invite you to use our convenient Prop Selection Guide. Our knowledgeable staff of boating enthusiasts will be glad to assist you in making your correct MerCruiser propeller selection.

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