RAM Mounting Systems

      • RAM Small Universal Electronics Holder
        List Price: $23.99
        Starting At: $13.99

        Small Universal Electronics Holder The small side clamping cradle is designed to hold a large amount of different kinds of cell phones and small electronic devices. This cradle has padded locking...

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      • RAM Suction Mount Twist Lock
        List Price: $40.80
        Starting At: $34.00

        Ram Suction Mount Twist Lock The RAM-B-166 consists of a double socket arm, 3.25" suction cup twist lock base and diamond base adapter. The suction cup base is designed to have a strong hold on...

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      • Ram Rod Light Speed Revolution Fishing Rod Holder
        List Price: $62.69
        Starting At: $52.24

        Ram Rod Light Speed Revolution RAM-Rod Light-Speed holder with RAM Rod Revolution socket and ratcheting mount, is a must have for the fishing enthusiast. Designed to mount vertically in your boat,...

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      • RAM ROD 2000 Rail Mount Adapter Kit
        List Price: $9.49
        Starting At: $7.49

        Rail mount adapter for the RAM-114BMU base; this adapter joins to base plates with the screws provided and turns the flate base into a rail base. The adapter is a U shape, so it can wrap around a...

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      • Fishing Rod 2000 Flush Mount Base Only
        List Price: $8.59
        Starting At: $7.16

        Ram Fishing Rod Flush Mount Base The RAM-114FM, fishing rod holder flush base, has a socket for the RAM Rod 2000 arm at 90 degrees to the base plate. Material: High Strength Composite Ball Size: 1...

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