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Mercruiser Cooling System


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      • Sierra 18-4226 Drain Plug Replaces 22-806608A02
        List Price: $4.12
        Starting At: $3.13

        Sierra 18-4226 Mercruiser Blue Plastic Drain Plug This Sierra 18-4226 drain plug is widely used for Mercruiser V4, V6 and V8 marine engines. Fits Mercruiser cylinder blocks and exhaust manifolds Comes complete with o-ring Interchangeable...

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      • Sierra 18-3214 Impeller Kit Replaces 47-8M0100526
        List Price: $38.26
        Starting At: $26.78

        Sierra 18-3214 Impeller Repair Kit for Mercury, Mercruiser For Use On Alpa I Gen II, BF70, And BF90 S/N D494569 & Above. Kit Includes: (1) 18-2564 Water Pump Base to Face Plate Gasket (1) 18-2565 Water Pump Base to Gear Housing Gasket (1)...

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      • Sierra 18-3150 Water Pump Kit Replaces 46-807151A14
        List Price: $94.02
        Now: $65.81

        Sierra 18-3150 Mercruiser Bravo H2O Water Pump Kit For use on all Mercruiser Bravo and TRS Sterndrives and Inboard Marine engines One piece housing. Can be used to replace the 2 piece housing sea water pump. Replaces: GLM 12088 Mallory 9-48350 ...

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      • List Price: $50.19
        Now: $35.13

        Sierra 18-3320 Water Pump Kit Product Details: For MR/Alpha l Units S/N 6854393-0D469858 Includes: Water Pump Gasket 18-2801 Water Pump Base Gasket 18-2826 Water Pump Gasket 18-2914 Water Pump Gasket 18-2919 Seal Ring Gasket 18-2944 Rain Screw Gasket...

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      • Sierra 18-1976-2 Mercruiser Manifold Elbow
        List Price: $173.10
        Starting At: $121.17

        Sierra 18-1976-2 Mercruiser Manifold Elbow Fits most Mercruiser V6 and V8 applications, 7 degree (4" O.D. Riser). Unlike automotive engines, all marine inboards have exhaust risers that feature a water induction elbow. Located behind the engine’s...

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      • Sierra 18-3517 Water Pump Kit Replaces 46-60367A1
        List Price: $36.51
        Starting At: $25.56

        Sierra 18-3517 Upper Housing Water Pump Kit for Mercruiser Alpha One Drives Up to 1990 & Mercury 4-3/4 Gearcase Outboards For Use On Engine Models: Mercruiser #1 drives w/flush screw in housing. SN 2495186-2763441 Mercruiser #1 drives w/o flush...

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      • Sierra 18-3217 Impeller Kit Replaces 46-96148A8
        List Price: $29.82
        Starting At: $20.88

        Sierra 18-3217 Water Pump Repair Kit for Mercruiser, Mercury For #1 Units thru S/N D494568 (Similar to #46-96148A5 without base or housing) Used on Mercruiser Stern Drives and Mercury Outboards. This kit contains all the components needed to properly...

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      • Sierra 18-3017 Water Pump Impeller Replaces 47-89984T3
        List Price: $19.94
        Starting At: $13.96

        Sierra 18-3017 Water Pump Impeller for Mercury For Use On All #1,R,Mr,Alpha Units Thru S/N D494568 Also For Raw Water Pump On 190IB S/N 1564539-1720903 &225IB S/N...

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      • Sierra 18-1953-2 Exhaust Manifold
        List Price: $254.23
        Starting At: $177.96

        Sierra 18-1953-2 Mercruiser V8 Exhaust Manifold Sierra exhaust manifolds are designed as OEM replacements and meet or exceed manufacturer’s requirements. Sierra replacement manifolds are fully interchangeable with the OEM products they are...

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      • Sierra 18-3599-2 Circulating Water Pump Replaces 8503991
        List Price: $137.99
        Starting At: $84.45

        Sierra 18-3599-2 Water Circulating Pump for Mercruiser, Volvo Sierra high-quality engine parts are designed to meet OEM specifications. Fits Both Standard and Counter Rotating Engines. Fits GM V-6 (s/n 1A063239 & below) & V-8 (305, 350 &...

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      • Sierra 18-3087 Impeller Replaces 47-59362T1
        List Price: $22.93
        Starting At: $16.05

        Sierra 18-3087 Water Pump Impeller for Mercruiser, Mercury For use on Mercruiser Bravo Sterndrives and Inboard engines with engine mounted sea water pumps (1999 & older)...

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      • Sierra 18-0897 Exhaust Manifold Elbow Gasket Replaces 27-863724
        List Price: $7.73
        Starting At: $5.79

        Sierra 18-0897 Mercruiser Exhaust Elbow Gasket Sierra engine parts are designed to meet OEM specifications. The 18-0897 Exhaust Elbow Gasket is a standard cooling, restrictor gasket. Fits 1981-1997 GM V-6 & V-8 engines with center rise outlet...

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      • Sierra 18-3668 Thermostat Kit
        List Price: $20.06
        Starting At: $14.04

        Sierra 18-3668 Thermostat Kit for Mercruiser Stern Drives For Mercruiser engines using 142 degree thermostats Fits 1983 & newer GM V-6 & V-8 engines with standard cooling Includes: (1) Thermostat Cover Gasket (18-2552) (1) Thermostat...

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      • Sierra 18-3647 Thermostat Kit Replaces 807252Q5
        List Price: $34.93
        Starting At: $24.45

        Mercruiser 160 Degree Thermostat Kit by Sierra Kit Includes: Sie-18-3649 Thermostat Sie-18-2844 Thermostat Cover Gasket Sie-18-2552 Thermostat Cover Gasket Sie-18-2553 Thermostat Cover Gasket Sie-18-7173 O-Ring Sie-18-2917 Thermostat Housing Gasket ...

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      • Sierra 18-2849-1 Exhaust Manifold Elbow Gasket Replaces 27-818832
        List Price: $9.81
        Starting At: $7.46

        Sierra 18-2849-1 Mercruiser Exhaust Elbow Gasket Standard cooling, full flow 4 slot gasket. For use on Mercruiser 1998-2001 GM V-6 & V-8 with center rise outlet exhaust manifolds. Interchangeable with: Barr  MC 47 27...

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      • Sierra 18-3317 Water Pump Kit Replaces 46-96148A8
        List Price: $51.21
        Starting At: $35.85

        Mercruiser Pre-Alpha Water Pump Housing Kit by Sierra For #1/R Units without flush S/N 2763442 - 6854392 Pre-Alpha Mercruiser Drives. Models which have been retro fitted with an Alpha style ( no preload pin on top of driveshaft) must use Kit # 18-3320...

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      • Sierra 18-2917 Thermostat Gasket Replaces 27-530451
        List Price: $4.26
        Starting At: $3.20

        Thermostat housing gasket for Mercruiser, OMC, Volvo Gasket has brass grounding rivets Replaces: GLM - 35060 Merc - 27-33918, 27-53045-1 Mallory - 9-60007 OMC - 0312797 Volvo - 835417  

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      • Sierra 18-3147 Water Pump Kit Replaces 817275k05
        List Price: $144.06
        Now: $100.84

        Sierra 18-3147 Mercruiser Alpha Gen II Water Pump Kit Sierra high-quality engine parts are designed to meet OEM specifications. For use with Gen II Lower S/N D469859 and Up. Kit Contains: Carrier Seal 18-2354 Impeller 18-3056 Impeller Plate...

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      Mercruiser Cooling System

      The cooling system of your Mercruiser engine keeps it from overheating and ensures that it’s operating at its best. It’s important to keep the entire cooling system updated and maintained since its health is at the forefront of your engine’s overall performance. If you need parts for your Mercruiser cooling system, Wholesale Marine has all you need.

      We are Keeping it Cool!

      A boat’s engine, such as your Mercruiser sterndrive or inboard engine, is a delicate piece of machinery full of moving parts that each need special attention. In times past, a boats engine was simply cooled by pulling raw water straight out of the source the vessel was floating in, running that through the engine, and out the other end. This left an engine with several issues, such as saltwater corrosion, large debris, and lack of efficiency. Further still, this sort of cooling system once upon a time only ran at 145 to 150 degrees as regulated by thermostat to avoid saltwater crystallization. This is an issue due to a number of reasons, one of which was the amount of build-up that would occur at such cool temperatures. Now we have engines full of checks and balances to get our Mercruiser sterndrive or inboard at max power without overheating. We have everything you need to run preventative maintenance on your vessel and to upgrade your older parts. Water pumps, impellers, thermostats, gaskets, circulation pumps, shutter & exhaust tubes, exhaust manifolds, hoses, belts, and more are all here to fit your Mercruiser cooling system. Ready to get started? Check out our easy-to-use Parts Selection tool to quickly get you exactly what you are searching for.

      For keeping that sterndrive, inboard, or tow sport engine cool come rain or shine, you can depend on Wholesale Marine to provide high quality parts from the top brands in the industry. Our same day shipping, free shipping on orders over $99, and price match guarantees give you quality parts in a timely and economical manner. Peruse our selection today and give us a call with your questions at (877) 388-2628.