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Starbrite Boat Bottom Cleaner

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Starbrite Boat Bottom Cleaner

The Starbrite Boat Bottom Cleaner cleans boat bottoms, removes marine deposits, ad whisks away scum line quickly and easily. This cleaner is safe for use on fiberglass, wood, iron, and painted surfaces. Formula is water-based, environmentally-friendly, and biodegradable. Starbrite's Boat Bottom Cleaner is also ideal for removing marine deposits from inflatable boats and RIBs. Starbrite Bottom Cleaner is easy to use and begins working on contact. 


  • 32 oz bottle
  • Water based, environmentally friendly, biodegradable formula
  • Special patented buffering process makes this product safer than other acid-based bottom cleaners
  • Safe for use on fiberglass, metal, wood and stainless steel surfaces
  • Also great for removing rust stains
  • Begins working on contact

How to Use Starbrite Boat Bottom Cleaner

  • Remove boat from water, and allow deposits and stains to dry thoroughly. 
  • Stains and deposits found above the water line may be removed while boat is in water. 
  • Apply product to the dry surface of hull using an all-plastic sprayer, non-nylon roller or brush.
  • Keep deposits and stains wet and foaming with the product. 
  • Reapply as needed to maintain foaming action.
  • After 10 minutes of foaming action, most surfaces should be clean and ready for rinsing. 
  • Rinse with water.
  • Heavy deposits may require several applications and light scraping. 

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