Auxiliary Motor Mounts

      Auxiliary Motor Mounts

      Auxiliary motor mounts are retractable brackets used for trolling auxiliary motors on power and sailboats with ease, heavy duty with reinforced welded frame and stamped stainless components. Mounts lock and hold motors up or swing down for propulsion. Our auxiliary motor brackets allow you to raise and lower trolling auxiliary motors on power and sailboats with ease. Wholesale Marine carries an assortment of boat motor mounts from Garelick, Moeller, Sea Dog and Davis.

      It is important to buy the right auxiliary motor mounts for your particular trolling motor. If your craft has a bow-mounted auxiliary motor, a spring-loaded mount will protect against grounding damage. Transom-mount motors require brackets that are adjustable to different heights and angles so the motor shaft is immerse at just the right depth.  Whatever your need, feel free to give us a call for sound advice when you are purchasing motor mounts for your small craft’s auxiliary engine.

      Mount or Move Your Outboard with the Right Equipment

      If you are repowering your craft or removing the outboard for winter storage, many boaters do not look forward to this chore. With a little preparation and by investing in the right tools for the job, this task can be executed swiftly and safely. Wholesale Marine has everything you require to move your outboard to your craft, hoist it safely onboard and jockey it smoothly and securely into position. From sturdy Garelick Outboard Motor Carts, to Sea Dog Outboard Motor Safety Cables, tilters, adapter plates, motor mounts such as the Hydra Powered Assisted Outboard Motor Bracket, even a protective transom pad, we have every step of the process covered.

      Remember, we share the same love of boating that you do! If you have a question regarding any product or when you wish to order a motor cart or auxiliary motor mounts, just give us a call: (877) 388-2628. We’re here from 9AM to 6PM Monday through Friday and look forward to speaking with you!