Barrier Coats

      Barrier Coats

      Any boating novice will know that a boat and its trustworthiness depends largely upon the integrity of the hull. After all, if the hull suffers damage, we can no longer stay afloat. The hull of the boat gets the brunt of the battering and bruising. On the trailer, at the dock, or gliding through the water, the hull needs a strong protective coat to keep it healthy. Wholesale Marine carries a dependable line of barrier coat paint for your hull, including Pettit and Interlux.

      Protection You Can Trust

      While floating along, in freshwater or in saltwater, the bottom of your vessel is exposed to a multitude of elements that are hungry for your craft due to a bit of straightforward science. Corrosion, osmotic blistering, and water absorption are all enemies of the watertight hull. The good news is that we can protect our vessels with barrier coats. Not only that, but barrier coats make fantastic primer coats for anti-fouling paints. Since barrier coats are epoxy based, then other paints will stick well to them. 

      Save time and money with Pettit Protect’s high-solids formula that allows for a quicker and easier application. It reduces water absorption in fiberglass hulls, making it an excellent choice for the prevention and repair of osmotic blisters. It is ideally suited for commercial and pleasure craft applications and has excellent durability. AlumaProtect is specifically designed for Aluminum crafts, and is similar to Pettit Protect; intended to be used as a primary coat over bare aluminum hulls and outdrives.

      Skip the sanding with the Interlux InterProtect line. Interlux Interprotect is a unique two part coating, and is excellent for usage on underwater hulls, metals, and keels. Interlux developed it to protect new and used fiberglass hulls from water absorption, and corrosion above or below the waterline.

      Wholesale Marine knows what it is to be boating enthusiasts and we want to provide you with everything you need to protect your boat’s beauty and mechanics. We believe in keeping our clientele satisfied through each and every purchase, so we provide a knowledgeable and experienced customer service team for you. Each product is backed by a price match guarantee. You will love our free shipping on purchases over $99 and same day shipping. Ready to become a regular on our site? Our Captain’s Club loyalty rewards program is right for you, providing perks and rewards for our loyal customers.