Table Parts

      Pontoon Table Parts

      Multi-purpose tables are great items to include in your pontoon’s furniture layout. These can be mounted to the deck with screws and used for many purposes, from dining, filleting fish, food prep, and even playing a game of cards. When it is time to install or upgrade, know that you’ll find everything you need for this task at Wholesale Marine. We carry a great selection of pontoon table parts to provide just the right option for your craft.

      A Big Selection of Pontoon Table Parts

      On smaller boats especially, space is always tight. Garelick’s Stowable Table Pedestal for Smaller Boats allows for easy mounting to the deck and quick stowage when not in use. Made from fluted anodized aluminum, it will look great and serve you well for years. Springfield offers a more economical choice with its Uni-Lock Stowable Table Pedestal

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