Sailing Supplies

      Sailing Supplies

      For some boaters, there is no better way to take to the water than under sail. While most sailboats come equipped with engines, these are auxiliary. Wholesale Marine carries a wide range of sailing apparel, components, and sailboat hardware to fulfill every line item on your sailing To Do list. We carry everything you’ll need except the sails, and the wind!

      Wind indicators from Davis Instruments, gauge wind direction, which is critical to tacking and smooth sailing. A popular choice is the Telo-Cat, which attaches easily to the mast and is vividly colored for ease of use. Know which way the wind is blowing as well as the temperature and air pressure with Kestrel’s precision, hand-held Weather Meter. Need a replacement Sailboat Block to hoist or lower your halyard? Ronstan’s Series 75 Core Block is resilient and can bear dynamic or static loads with ease.

      Quality Sailing Gear Shipped Fast

      Over time, constant raising and lowering mainsails can cause damage to line components. If rigging is in need of replacement, we recommend Barton’s Jack Kit Lightweight Cascade System. The kit includes soft block covers which prevent sail chafe for a longer service life. When it is time to replace or upgrade our winch, Andersen’s Self-Tailing Manual Winch is a great option. It is crafted from stainless steel to resist corrosion and wear. Steering into the wind takes its toil on tillers. Ronstan manufactures a line of battlesticks including a Telescopic Lightweight Alloy Split Grip model. It extends up to 4-feet to provide the leverage you need.

      Wholesale Marine is truly your one-stop boating shop. If, like us, you believe that life on the water is the best life of all, give us a call whenever your craft needs a part, an upgrade, or just if you have any questions. For the highest quality products to to enhance your boating life, including sailing supplies, call us and receive same-day shipping,call us Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST at (877) 388-2628. We offer a low price guarantee and you’ll also enjoy free shipping on all orders over $99! Like saving money? Be sure to ask about our Captain’s Loyalty Program for even greater discounts the next time you shop at Wholesale Marine!