Boat Trailer Spare Tire Carrier

      When trailering your boat, it’s important to carry a spare tire. Flat tires are the leading cause of breakdowns when trailering to your dock or marina. So installing a boat trailer spare tire carrier is not just a novelty, it is a necessity when trailering your boat!  Wholesale Marine’s staff are boaters, too, and we’ve thought of everything you’ll need to make sure your boat takes to the highway without incident.

      Mount your trailers spare tire right where you can get to it easily with a mount from Fulton and C.E. Smith. Four, 5, and even 6-lug tires are no match for Fulton's Heavy Duty Spare Tire Carrier. Make sure your spare tire stays put in transit with locks from Dead Bolt and Fulton. Our boat trailer spare tire carriers bolt to a wide range of trailer tongue sizes and include mounting hardware for installation. We offer spare tire carriers not just for boats, but also for PWC, pontoon, utility and lawn trailers as well. Boat trailer spare tire carriers are available in various sizes and makes from manufacturers such as Fulton, C.T. Johnson, and  C.E. Smith. Place an order before 4:00 PM EST, and Wholesale Marine can get your carrier delivered to you as quickly as tomorrow!

      Safe and Secure Spare Tire Carriers

      Our selection of boat trailer spare tire carriers offer both security, safety and style. Choose a heavy-duty bolt-on spare tire carrier that’s designed to hold the marine trailer industry's increasingly large wheels and newer lug configurations securely to any trailer frame. We also carry offset angle mounting options that allows the spare tire to clear boat hulls.

      Just give us a call and we’ll send the spare tire carrier you need right out to you. Call our knowledgeable staff at (877) 388-2628, Monday through Friday from 9:00 Am until 6:00 AM, EST,and we’ll be glad to assist you. We offer competitive pricing as well as a Captain’s Loyalty Program for our customer. Be sure to ask about it for additional discounts the next time you shop at Wholesale Marine!