• Aquagard AlumiKoat Brushable Antifouling Paint

        Aquagard AlumiKoat Brushable Antifouling Paint Alumi-Koat is an acrylic copolymer, cuprous oxide pigmented coating formulated especially to prevent barnacles, algae, slime and other fouling...

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      • Aquagard 180 Wash & Dewaxer - Quart

        Aquagard 180 Wash & Dewaxer Marine grade wash & dewaxer for Fiberglass & Aluminum. Features: Formulated to strip mold release agent from fiberglass surface Removes grease and wax...

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      • Aquagard 190 Water-Based Primer

        Aquagard 190 Water-Based Primer Marine grade for Aluminum, Fiberglass & Wooden Surfaces. Features: Chemically bonds to aluminum Excellent resistance to corrosion and salt Improves adhesion...

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      • Aquagard 181 Primer - Quart

        Aquagard 181 Primer - Quart Marine grade - Improved Adhesion Features: Only requires one coat Formulated to be used prior to anti-fouling paint Excellent resistance to hostile marine...

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      • Aquagard Water-Based Antifouling Paint

        Aquagard Water-Based Antifouling Paint Using antifouling paint on your boat helps prevent organisms such as algae, barnacles, and slime from attaching to your vessel. Aquagard antifouling paint...

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