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      Mercruiser Oil for Sterndrive Engines

      Changing the oil on a Mercruiser sterndrive is not that difficult. With a little patience, this can be performed by a DIYer. Mercury recommends that you change your sterndrive oil every year or 100 hours of use. Wholesale Marine carries everything you need including Mercruiser oil for your sterndrive. Review these simple directions and you’ll soon determine if this is a project for a weekend afternoon.

      1)    Following your owner’s manual, remove the propeller. Next you’ll be starting the motor so make sure that no one, including animals, is near the stern before starting your motor.

      2)    If you are inside, use a fan to check for fuel or vapors to avoid possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

      3)    Ensure that your engine has a water supply.

      4)    Make sure to cover the area under the engine with rags--there will be oil leakage.

      5)    Start your motor and allow it to warm up. Turn it off, wait a few minutes and remove the dipstick.

      6)    Carefully thread the oil hand pump onto the end of the dipstick tube. If using an electric oil changer, follow manufacturer’s instructions.

      7)    Remove your oil into a container.

      8)    Replace the oil filter--Sierra makes a filter for almost every Mercruiser sterndrive, making sure to coat the new filter o-ring with clean oil.

      9)    Hand tighten the new filter.

      10) Use a filter wrench no more than ¾ turn to finish installing the filter.

      11) Check your owner’s manual to determine the engine oil capacity. Inline 4’s usually require up to 5 quarts while V8s can consume up to 7 quarts. We recommend Quicksilver Conventional 24W-40 Engine Oil in a gallon bottle or if you prefer synthetic oil try Quicksilver Synthetic Blend Sterndrive Inboard Oil

      12) Once filled, wait 5 minutes and check the oil level. Top up if necessary.

      13) Again ensure that the engine has water. Turn it on and let it warm up.

      14) Take an oil reading. Top up if necessary.

      15) Clean up and go boating!

      Wholesale Marine carries everything you’ll need for your Mercruiser. Oil changes are simple to perform and one call to Wholesale Marine ensures you’ll have everything you require for this project. If you have a question as to which oil or lube product is right for your boat, give us a call. We’re boating enthusiasts as well and will be glad to help you. Our representatives are available Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST so give us a call at (877) 388-2628.