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One Step Finish Gel Coat - White

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Evercoat Gel-Kote One Step Finish Gel Coat Repair - White

This is the highest quality ISO NPG One Step Finish Gel Coat that permanently repairs or replaces your vessels’ original, high-gloss finish. The gel coat will cure to a hard finish and will not require Evercoat Mold Release (# 105685) in order to attain a fully cured surface. It can be used to fill gouges, paint chips, finish scrapes, and deep scratches in your fiberglass gel coat. One Step Finish Gel Coat will not run or sag and its formulation of flexible polyester resins produce amazing resiliency and toughness. So versatile, Evercoat Coloring Agents can be used to tint the material to your desired color. Reduce the one step finish gel coat with Evercoat Acetone (10%) in order to thin for sprayer applications.

  • Superior finish
  • Resilient, one-step Isophthalic Polyester Gel Coat
  • Non-run, non-sag formulation

Sizes Available:

  • Pint
  • Quart


How to Use Evercoat One Step Finish Gel-Kote

  • Remove all paint, grease, oil, dirt or wax. Sand only affected area with coarse grit abrasive. 
  • Wipe area clean with Evercoat Acetone.
  • If tinting the Gel-Kote, mix in the color prior to catalyzing the Gel Coat. Use Evercoat Color Agents (maximum 1 oz. color agent per quart of Gel-Kote).
  • Add the hardener to the Gel-Kote in the following proportion: 12 drops hardener to 1 ounce of Gel-Kote.
    • Note: the mixed product will start to gel in approximately 15 minutes. Temperatures hotter than 90°F will shorten the gel time and temperatures below 70°F will lengthen it.
  • Mix well for 2 to 3 minutes and apply to the repair area. Gel-Kote can be reduced for spraying by adding 10 to 15 percent of Evercoat Acetone.
  • Apply catalyzed Gel-Kote to a thickness of approximately 20 mils.
  • The formula will completely cure to a hard surface in approximately two hours.
  • Clean all tools with Evercoat Acetone before the product hardens. 

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