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Pettit Odyssey Triton Ablative Antifouling Paint

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Pettit Odyssey Triton Ablative Antifouling Paint

The Pettit Odyssey Triton Ablative Antifouling Paint delivers exceptional tri-biocide multi season performance. Combining the reliability of Copper Thiocyanate, versatile organic boosting biocide Zinc Pyrithione, and the impressive strength of ECONEA. The ingredient combination Makes Odyssey Triton effective against all types of fouling found in even the harshest marine environments. Pettit is introducing a whole new level of performance while preventing build up and keeping underwater surfaces smooth.



Pettit Odyssey HD provides excellent antifouling protection and is backed by the industry's strongest limited warranty. The Hull Defense 18 Month Limited Warranty offers peace of mind to every boater. Odyssey HD offers the most dependable and trusted antifouling paint in the industry.



  • Three biocides provide unparalleled multi-season protection in the harshest environments
  • Maximum fuel efficiency and reduced build-up
  • Maximum protection against all types of marine growth
  • Compatible over most bottom paints
  • Covered by the enhanced HD (Hull Defense) 24 Month Limited Warranty


  • Finish: Flat
  • Coverage: 400 ft²/gallon @ 2 mils thickness
  • Number of Coats: 2 minimum per season
  • Sold in Gallons
  • Colors Available: 1299G Blue , 1899G Black, 1399G Green, 1699G Red, 1199G White

How Much Pettit Odyssey Triton Do I Need for My Boat?

Refer to the chart below to calculate how much Odyssey Triton paint you will need for your boat.

Pettit Odyssey Triton Application Chart

    1. Calculate the square footage of the hull to be painted - multiply the length of the hull by the beam then multiply that total by .85
    2. Divide that number (your square foot total) by the amount of coverage Odyssey Triton provides. (450 square foot per gallon). This will give you a one-coat total.

Example: If your boat has a length of 28', and a beam of 8.5', you will multiply 28 x 8.5 x .85 to get your total square footage. The total square footage for this boat is 202.3 square feet. A gallon of Odyssey Triton has a coverage of 450 square feet per gallon for one coat, so one gallon will be enough for two coats.

How to Apply Pettit Odyssey Triton Bottom Paint

  • Application Data Method: Brush, Roller, or Airless or Conventional Sprayer
  • Number of Coats: 2-3
  • Dry Film Thickness Per Coat: 2 Mils dry
  • Coverage: 400 sq²/gallon
  • Application Temp: 50° F Min / 90°F Max
  • Thinner: Pettit 120 Brushing Thinner. Do not thin more than 10% (12 ounces per Gallon)
  • Dry Times: Minimum recoat time is 4 hours @ 70°F. Minimum time between final coat and launching is 16 hours. Under cold or damp conditions increase dry times by 50%.


Previously Painted Surfaces:

  • If the previous coating is in good condition thoroughly sand with 80-grit sandpaper, then clean with the 120 Brushing Thinner solvent to remove residue. Apply two finish coats of the Odyssey Triton.
  • If the previous coating is soft or in poor condition remove to the bare surface by sanding or using a paint or varnish remover.

Bare Fiberglass:

All bare fiberglass, regardless of age, should be thoroughly cleaned with 92 Bio-Blue Hull Surface Prep or de-waxed several times with Pettit D-95 Dewaxer or 120 Brushing Thinner. Sand thoroughly with 80 grit sandpaper to a dull, frosty finish and rewash the sanded surface with 185 Ablative Thinner or 120 Brushing Thinner to remove sanding residue. Then apply two or three coats of the Odyssey Triton following application instructions.

  • To eliminate the sanding operation, prep the surface with 92 Bio-Blue Hull Surface Prep or wash the fiberglass three times using Pettit 95 Dewaxer only. Then apply one thin coat of Pettit 6998 Skip-Sand Primer or 6999 Sandless Primer. Use a 3/16” or less nap when applying by roller. Consult the primer label for complete application and antifouling top coating instructions. Apply two or three coats of Odyssey Triton.

Bare Aluminum:

  • Abrade the surface to clean, bright metal by sanding, wire-brushing, or sandblasting. Blow off or vacuum sanding residue so that surface is clean and dry.
  • Then immediately apply two coats of Pettit Aluma Protect 4400/4401 Aluminum Epoxy Primer. Let dry for two hours and then apply two coats of Pettit Protect Epoxy Primer 4700/4701 while following instructions.
  • After the second coat of Pettit Protect wait 5-8 hours (no more or less) and apply the first coat of Odyssey Triton. Follow up with one or two additional coats of Odyssey Triton.

Underwater Metal Parts:

  • Apply Pettit Protect 4700/4701. Follow surface preparation instructions and priming underwater metal running gear specification via Pettit Protect label or product data sheet.

California Residents: warning sign WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



Other Details

Google Product Type:
Paint Type:
Ablative Antifouling
Number of Seasons:
Multi Season
Product MPN:
1299G , 1899G
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