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Quicksilver Power Tune

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Quicksilver Power Tune Internal Engine Cleaner

Quicksilver Power Tune is used to remove performance-robbing carbon build-up from the combustion chamber. This engine cleaner can be used in all 2- and 4-cycle carbureted and fuel-injected gasoline engines. Power Tune works to restore lost power due to carbon, gum, and varnish deposits that accumulate in the combustion chambers of gasoline engines. These deposits are the result of normal engine use, low temperature operation, and the use of some fuels. Removing these deposits helps improve fuel/air flow and overall engine performance. This product is safe for catalyzed engines.


  • 12 oz Aerosol
  • Removes carbon build-up, gum, and varnish
  • For use in all 2- and 4-cycle gasoline engines
  • Safe for catalyzed engines

How to Use Quicksilver Power Tune

  • Run engine until warm then remove the air filter.
  • Securely insert plastic tube into spray head nozzle.
  • Increase engine speed to 200-300 RPM above idle.
  • Slowly spray Power Tune directly into the carburetor intake so it goes into the engine.
    • Note: If engine stalls, restart it and continue spraying Power Tune into the engine.
  • In cases of extreme deposit buildup, spark plug fouling may occur. Remove, clean, and replace spark plugs as necessary.
  • When the can is almost empty, spray heavily until engine stalls.
  • Replace air filter.
  • Allow Power Tune to soak inside the engine for 15-30 minutes.
  • Start engine and rev slightly. You may notice a lot of smoke.
    • Note: Smoking is normal, your engine is burning off the cleaner and deposits in your engine's combustion chamber.
  • Continue revving your engine for 4 - 5 minutes or until smoking stops.

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