Control Cables

      Boat Control Cables

      Recreational boaters and powerboat owners know that their boat’s cable systems ensure smooth operation from throttle, to shifting and steering. When it becomes difficult to perform any of these functions, it is probably time to replace your boat control cables. Give Wholesale Marine a call. We’ll not only make sure you order the right cables for your craft, but also walk you through the installation steps, if need be.

      We stock the Teleflexline of boat control cables which include throttle and shift cables to steering cables for a variety of applications; outboards, rack-and-pinion cables, even steering cables for inboard/outboards (I/O’s). Additionally, marine control cables are manufactured for nearly every engine/transmission combination. There are also universal type cables that have been designed to fit aftermarket engine controls as well as OEM units from BMW, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Volvo, Yamaha and others.

      You can make your selections with confidence among quality built throttle cables, shift cables and boat control cables from the name you trust: Teleflex and TFXtreme. TFXtreme and Teleflex Control Cables deliver unparalleled smoothness and efficiency, even in the longest and most complex cable routings. These control cables provide superior handling at the control, and performance that until now was considered 'impossible’.

      How to Install New Boat Control Cables

      If you’re replacing an old Teleflexcable, it will be marked with the length a foot or so from the engine connector. Once you have the correct cable, here are some installation tips:

      Start with the engine rig. Remove the nylon lock washer from the drag link and loosen the nut from the tilt tube to free the cable from the engine, then remove the connection from the steering wheel. Next, use the removal of the old cable to help install the new one. Before you pull the old cable out of the boat, attach a messenger line at the steering wheel end. This way when you pull the old cable out from the engine end, there will be a threaded messenger to help install the new replacement cable. With the new cable in place and connected, you’re ready to head out on the water.

      Wholesale Marine is your one-stop boating shop. Whatever your boat requires, Wholesale Marine carries it. We offer same day shipping at a flat rate, too. Returns are easy and you’ll always receive the best customer service and advice. Order your boat control cables with confidence from Wholesale Marine. We’re here for you Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST at (877) 388-2628.