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Complete trailers from C.E. Smith for any small application you may need. Jon boat trailers, boat trailers, canoe trailers, kayak trailers, paddle boat trailers and more. Get fast to your door shipping from Wholesale Marine. Some assembly required.

CE Smith manufactures Multi-Sport Trailer that we ship to your door. The trailers are designed for easy assembly using common tools. Includes everything you need to carry a small boat, inflatable or PWC up to about 12' long. Its galvanized steel frame is built strong and has an ample 800lb. carrying capacity. Includes DOT approved lights, adjustable carpeted bunk boards with dual supports, winch stands, winches, hooks, and straps, tires, and hitch couplers with safety chains. Rated for use at highway speeds. Winch stands can be mounted anywhere along the tongue to balance the load. Proper load balancing is always critical for safe trailering!

Wholesale Marine wants you to stay while trailering as hauling a boat is an entirely different animal than regular hauling. Trailers need to be properly balanced with the tires carrying 85% of the gross vehicle weight, with the remaining 15% carried by the hitch ball. Too little weight resting on the hitch ball causes trailer swaying. Call us if you need any assistance in ensuring a safe journey to or from water.