Interlux Perfection Plus Yacht Varnish


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 Interlux Perfection Plus Yacht Varnish

A high performance clear polyurethane, offering multiple solutions from one product, Perfection Plus delivers the ultimate in clear wood coating performance.  The chemical cure urethane formulation combines with a best in class UV Absorbers and HALS package to offer outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance, and superb gloss and gloss retention that lasts four times longer than conventional one-part varnishes.  Perfection Plus can be applied directly to all woods, including oily timbers such as teak.  When spraying, Perfection Plus can also be used in combination with Perfection Topcoat, as a glaze coat, to increase flow, leveling and durability.

Perfection Plus contains an advanced flow additive. This special blend of solvents, incorporated into the formulation, is designed not only to aid application but also to help you achieve a professional end result.

What are HALS?

Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS) do not absorb radiation; instead they protect the coating resin from the harmful effect of photochemically-produced "free radicals" by neutralizing them, hindering chemical degradation. HALS regenerate themselves during the neutralization process, and go on providing protection throughout the lifetime of the coating.

What are UV Absorbers?

UV Absorbers soak up detrimental UV rays from sunlight, converting them into heat, which is then dissipated through the surface of the coating.


  • Area: Above the waterline
  • Finish/Sheen: High Gloss
  • Number of Coats: 2 - 5 (First coat thinned).
  • Method of application: Brush / Conventional Spray / Roller

Interlux Paint Reducing Solvent: Thinner for brush application.

Interlux Paint Reducing Solvent - Spray: Thinner for spray application.

How to Apply Interlux Perfection Plus Varnish

Perfection Plus Application Diagram

  • Application: Brush, Roller, Conventional Spray
  • Finish: High Gloss
  • Number of Coats:  2-5 (First coat thinned). The number of coats should be increased if applied by roller.
  • Coverage: (Theoretical) – 13.3 /lt | (Practical) – 12/lt 
  • Thinner: Polyurethane Retarder Thinner No. 9, Polyurethane Spraying Thinner No. 10
  • Mix Ratio: 2:1
 Temperature Touch Dry  Hard Dry  Pot Life  Overcoat by (min) Overcoat by (max)
 50°F  10 Hours  24 Hours  4 Hours 24 Hours 4 Days
59°F 7 Hours  24 Hours  3 Hours  14 Hours 3 Days
 73°F 4 Hours  16 Hours  2 Hours  6 Hours 2 Days
 95°F 3 Hours  12 Hours  1 Hour  4 Hours 1 Day

Surface Preparation

  • Previously Painted Surfaces in Good Condition
    • Wash down with Fiberglass Surface Prep YMA601.
    • Abrade with 320-400 grit paper.
  • Previously Painted Surfaces in Poor Condition
    • Remove all previous coatings and prime the substrate.
  • Bare Wood
    • Wipe down surface with 2316N to remove any contaminants.
    • Sand smooth with 120 grade paper, followed by 240 and finally 320 grade paper.
    • Remove sanding dust by brushing, dusting, and wiping. If wiping with a solvent, allow to completely dry before applying first coat.
    • Prime, if required.
    • If no primer has been applied, thin the first coat by 20-25% using recommended thinners.
  • Oily Woods (eg Teak)
    • Must be adequately degreased and prepared prior to the application of Perfection Plus.
    • Ensure the surface is completely dry before applying the first coat.
    • It is recommended that sanding residue is removed prior to overcoating.
    • Thin the first coat by 25% using recommended thinner.
    • Apply a minimum of 4 full coats.
    • Apply a minimum of 2 coats of Perfection Plus.

Apply 1 full coat of Perfection Plus if used as a Glazecoat over Perfection Finish. Except if used over white, off white, or cream Perfection finish, where Perfection Plus should be blended 50:50 by volume with Perfection Finish for the final coat.


  • Mix Ratio – 2:1 by volume (as supplied)
  • Stir individual products prior to mixing.
  • Mix the base and curing agent of Perfection Plus together at the specified mix ratio.
  • Add Curing agent to the Base, stir, and leave for 10 minutes to allow bubbles to disperse.
  • Avoid using direct from the can. Pour the amount you expect to use in a separate container.

Note: Any initial cloudiness will disappear upon thorough mixing.

Application Specifications

  • Conventional Spray
    • Reduce viscosity to 14 seconds, DIN 4 cup, Zahn #2 or equivalent.
    • Pressure – 3-4 bar/45-60 psi
    • Tip Size – 1.0-1.4 mm
  • Roller
    • Use foam rollers. For best results when applying by roller, smooth off with a pad or brush

Note: Avoid painting in direct sunlight and humid conditions.


Information sourced from the Interlux Perfection Plus: Varnishes Product Guide.

pdficon.pngClick to Download Interlux Perfection Plus Application Instructions

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